Flying K Ranch Angus: Making A Name for Themselves

Flying K Ranch Angus: Making A Name for Themselves

By Maura Keller

When it comes to owning and operating an award-winning ranch, having your name on the door means something. For the multi-generational family operated Flying K Ranch Angus (the ‘K’ standing for the family surname of Kuntz) in Findlay, OH, Greg Kuntz, along with his wife Patty, their sons Chris, Robert, Gregory and their daughter, Ashley, have worked diligently to make this Angus ranch truly stand out from the proverbial crowd of ranches dotting the area.

“We are unique to most operations because we are a family owned and operated continuous flow operation,” says Chris Kuntz. “Every week we take in cattle to be harvested and graded for the grocery chain.” From birthing to feed orders, four generations of the Kuntz family work to manage every facet of the ranching operations.

“The most challenging part of the continuous flow program is making sure we have cattle that hit all our marks that we have set to ensure the best quality for grading and yield,” Chris explains. “Some of the key attributes of our cattle operation are the high genetic cattle we have and the close relationships we have all the way through until it’s at the grocery.”

To accomplish this, the Flying K team is in continuous communication, five to six days a week with the processing facility to ensure everything they see in the Flying K cattle is holding the consistent high quality and high grades that the ranch is known for.

“Our nutritionist plays a large role in our operation as well. He is always willing to go the extra mile and fully understands any issues we have as he runs his own cattle operation,” Chris says.

Exceptional Efforts
The entire Flying K Ranch team strives to continue to improve the ranch’s efforts by embracing low-stress handling of the cattle, while fine tuning the setup of the ranch’s chute system, explains Bob Kuntz, who moved home four years ago from Idaho to assist his parents in their fast-growing business at the ranch, followed a couple years later by his brother Chris. Gregory also recently joined the team and brings with him a background in agriculture business and sales.

The brothers work in tandem to oversee daily cattle operations. “We have found that running multiple feed rations catered to our cattle serves them well,” says Bob Kuntz. “Everyone has a role or part to play, which means we count on one another and so we have grown closer together.

So why the name Flying K Ranch? Quite simply, to pay homage to Greg Kuntz’s long-standing career as a retired Colonel in the United States Air Force. In addition, Patty worked in a career as a commercial airline flight attendant until she retired and joined Greg in establishing this award-winning ranching operation, after years of growing beef only for their immediate family. Their love for “all things aviation” seemed combined with their love of ranching, seemed to be the ideal name for their cattle operation.

“In transitioning from a military career to ranching the discipline I learned in military aviation has made a world of difference,” Greg Kuntz says. “Also the persistence to keep everything moving forward. We do not do anything halfway as there is no room for second best. Our passion is to provide the best quality angus carcass we can and then set the bar higher.”

Today, Flying K provides beef products for customers throughout Ohio and beyond. And because of their long history in cattle production, the entire Kuntz family recognizes the importance of providing their cattle with top-quality grass, grains and essential nutrients. The herd enjoys a wealth of sunshine, fresh air, and grass – resulting in hormone-free, antibiotic-free great-tasting beef that is pasture raised and grain finished.

The ranch’s 15-year-history has earned it accolades aplenty, including BQA certification, which recognizes Flying K’s solid husbandry techniques, that are coupled with scientific know-how to raised cattle that have exude quality. Flying K embraces the finest handling, facility management, transportation, record keeping, and herd health procedures which has resulted in the ranch earning the sought-after Certified Angus Beef® label, meeting 10 exacting standards for taste and tenderness.

How to Choose the Right Forage/Feed Wagon for Your Livestock Operation?

How to Choose the Right Forage/Feed Wagon for Your Livestock Operation?

Article and photo courtesy of Hustler Equipment

In the world of farming, profit margins can be razor-thin and efficient livestock feeding equipment is key, saving you money, time, fuel, and maintenance costs. If you’re in search of a solution that ticks all these boxes, the Hustler Combi 2-in-1 forage and feed delivery wagon range from Hustler might just be the answer.

What Sets the Hustler Combi Wagon Apart?
Designed for operations handling large volumes of feed, the Hustler Combi RX wagon is the perfect 2-in-1 solution if you use roughage or blend feeds and don’t need the precision mixing of a TMR wagon.

It offers efficiency without the high price, time-consuming loading/mixing, fuel consumption, and maintenance of TMR mixers. This versatile wagon hauls crops from the field and feeds them out, handling round or square bales, silage, roots, and co-products effortlessly. Its lighter weight enhances safety on uneven terrain, and it doesn’t require a separate loading machine.

Key Advantages:
• Versatility: Accommodates various types of feeds, making it perfect for diverse farm, ranch, and feedlot operations.
• Efficiency: Designed for rapid hauling and feeding, saving you valuable time. With a low loading height, loading is quick and easy with a front-end loader, eliminating the need for an extra tractor.
• Safe Operation: The lightweight design and low center of gravity enhance safety on various terrains. The 100% hydraulic drive eliminates risks associated with rotating PTO shafts.
• Durability: The simple design, free from wearing parts like knives and augers, ensures reliability and minimal maintenance.
• Increased Capacity: Downsize your machinery while increasing capacity. For instance, replace a 570ft³ TMR with a more efficient 494.4 ft³ Combi RX148 feed wagon.


How the Hustler Combi Wagon Works
The Combi RX features a hydraulic ram-powered pusher blade that moves feed toward a cross floor and an elevator. The tilting elevator handles bales, silage, root crops, and more, blending the layered feeds during delivery.
Its load-dividing system minimizes stress on components, allowing hydraulic-only operation (no PTO) saving mixing time, fuel, and wear. It also offers optional advanced technology such as FeedLink™ wireless scale system and FeedControl™ for streamlined operations.

Choosing the Right Model of Combi Wagon
The Hustler Combi range offers three models with capacities ranging from 494 ft³ to 742 ft³:

Determining Your Needs
To determine the ideal model for your operation, consider factors like herd size, feed type, existing equipment, and loading height restrictions. Whether you’re a rancher feeding several bales daily or a feedlot manager blending various feeds, the Hustler Combi is a versatile solution.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and safe way to feed your livestock, the Hustler Combi wagon range is worth considering. Contact our team at or by phone +1 612-351-4885 to find the perfect model for your needs.

Gallagher Launches Innovative Lithium Solar Energizers in North America

Gallagher Launches Innovative Lithium Solar Energizers in North America
Revolutionizing Pasture Management with Faster Charging, Longer-Lasting Power Solution for Electric Fencing

Article and photos courtesy of Gallagher

Kansas City, MO – July 1, 2024

Gallagher is excited to announce the launch of its new Lithium Solar Energizers, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers, livestock producers, and equine owners across North America. This innovative product line offers faster charging, longer-lasting energy, and unparalleled portability, making it an ideal choice for modern pasture management and rotational grazing.

The market for the Lithium Solar line includes dairy and livestock producers, lifestyle property owners, and equine enthusiasts. These energizers are perfect for applications such as strip grazing, fencing off waterways, silage protection, and crop protection, especially in harsh conditions. Our primary focus is improving pasture productivity and animal growth through efficient grazing management.

“With the launch of our Lithium Solar Energizers, we are proud to bring a significant positive shift into the energizer market,” said Doug Jones, General Manager of Gallagher Land & Animal Management – North America. “Our new range enhances energy efficiency and provides farmers and ranchers with reliable and portable power solutions to contain livestock and manage grazing anywhere.”

Why Choose Lithium Solar Fence Energizers?
Integrated Solar Energizers is a fast-growing product category. Farmers and ranchers of all sizes desire the compact and classical design and the convenience of having power available wherever and whenever needed. By pioneering this category, Gallagher has maintained its market leadership through continuous innovation.

Key Features of Lithium Solar Energizers:
1. 300% Faster Charging, Longer Lasting: Lithium batteries contain higher energy density and lower internalresistance, efficiently capturing and storing energy.

2. Intelligent, Adaptive Energy Control: Smart electronics continuously monitor and adjust energy output to ensureconsistent power, even without sunlight.

3. Reliable Power 24/7: High-voltage battery performance ensures power maintenance in all weather conditions.

4. Lightweight Portability, Heavyweight Performance: Up to 53% lighter than previous lead acid battery models,improved solar panel efficiency and integrated carry handles make these energizers perfect for on-the-gofencing solutions.

“Our Lithium Solar Energizers are lightweight, longer-lasting, and specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern farming and ranching,” said Jeff Wilcox, Director of Product Management and New Technologies at Gallagher Land & Animal Management – North America. “They provide farmers with a sustainable and efficient power solution for all their fencing needs.” Jeff Wilcox added, “These energizers are a game-changer for pasture management. By harnessing the power of lithium technology, we ensure that our customers can maintain optimal grazing conditions regardless of weather or location. The portability and durability of these units make them indispensable for effective and sustainable farming and ranching.” Farmers and ranchers interested in learning more about Lithium Solar Energizers can visit for detailed product information and purchasing options.

Gallagher is a leading provider of agricultural solutions dedicated to supporting farmers through innovative products and services. With a commitment to sustainability and community support, we aim to enhance the productivity and livelihoods of farmers across North America.

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