Bimeda® US Launches BOVitalize™ – A New Oral Vitamin and Mineral Supplement For Cattle

Bimeda® US Launches BOVitalize™ – A New Oral Vitamin and Mineral Supplement For Cattle

Article courtesy of Bimeda®

Bimeda, Inc. has recently launched BOVitalize™ in the US. BOVitalize is an oral vitamin and mineral supplement for beef and dairy cows, bulls and ruminating calves.

Vitamin and mineral nutrition is vital to cattle throughout their lifetimes. Both play a key role in reproduction and fertility, growth and development, immunity, and performance. Inadequate vitamin and mineral levels in cattle can lead to suppressed immune function, lower fertility and decreased growth rates—all of which will negatively impact a producers’ bottom line.

In an ideal situation, the majority of an animal’s required vitamins and minerals should be furnished through their daily diet of high-quality forages and/or grains. However, this is not always guaranteed, and supplementation should be used to achieve adequate levels.

BOVitalize contains selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E. The product was specifically designed to complement operations’ existing nutrition program to provide key trace mineral fortification to support cattle productivity during stressful events in their lifetimes—like calving, breeding, branding, weaning, transport, and processing—where the bioavailability of nutrients can be negatively affected.

“Bimeda is excited to offer a product containing key vitamins and trace minerals that will give veterinarians and producers the ability to supplement cattle when they need it in a convenient manner.” said Dr. Chris Thomsen, Senior Technical Services Veterinarian, Bimeda US.

BOVitalize is administered to cattle as a single oral dose of 5 mL per 220 pound of body weight and will be available initially in 4 Liter jugs.

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MJE Livestock Equipment first to Integrate Allflex® Ear Tag Readers

MJE Livestock Equipment first to Integrate Allflex® Ear Tag Readers

Article and photos courtesy of MJE Livestock Equipment

MJE Livestock Equipment, the leader in advanced wheel corrals for the livestock industry, has announced the introduction of integrated ear-tag readers into its Conquistador Wheel corral.

“By integrating ear-tag readers, we’ve taken the next logical step in the evolution of wheel corrals for modern cow-calf producers,” said Heather Jantz, COO of MJE Livestock Equipment. She continued, “The Conquistador is the safest, most flexible solution in the industry, now it’s the most technologically advanced. We have worked closely with the Allflex™ team to integrate their reader, allowing ranchers to achieve highly accurate readings.”

Typically, ranchers utilize hand wands to read ear tags. This can present challenges in terms of accuracy, plus the hand-held systems are expensive and susceptible to damage. “It is widely known that traceability is becoming more and more important,” said Jantz. “For cattle buyers, having an accurate history adds value. Our integrated system allows even the largest herds to be easily managed as individuals. We’ve brought together the most advanced wheel corral with the leading ear-tag system.”

She continued, “The better this system, the better you can track trends, monitor performance, identify issues, and isolate outliers. Now, for the first time, ranchers can purchase an ear tag system fully integrated into their wheel corral.”

About MJE Livestock Equipment

The Conquistador Wheel Corral with Allflex® ear-tag reader integration is available now through all MJE Livestock Equipment dealers.

MJE Livestock Equipment makes the lives of farmers and ranchers easier through strategic herd management advice, facility design, and American-made livestock equipment built with innovation that makes ranching easier and cattle safe, healthy, and happy.

To learn more about MJE Livestock Equipment and become part of their fast-growing network of dealers, visit our website: www.mjelivestocke !!

For additional information, the news media should contact: Megan Elsey

Director of Public Relations and Marketing MJE Livestock Equipment

(620) 846-2634

Carbon Conference 2.0 is next week Tuesday, January 30, in Madison, Wis.

Carbon Conference 2.0 is next week Tuesday, January 30, in Madison, Wis.

Article courtesy of Professional Dairy Producers®

Don’t miss your chance to gain a fundamental understanding of carbon, carbon markets and how it can impact your farm. During this full-day conference, you’ll have access to industry experts and change makers in the carbon market sector and learn:

  • What changes have occurred over the past year to carbon markets
  • Industry terminology
  • Insets vs. offsets
  • Real-life examples of carbon markets in action
  • What to know if getting involved in these markets
  • Examples of credits from on-farm changes

Register today, seats are filling fast.

Experts at your disposal

We’ve gathered the thought leaders and industry disruptors involved in today’s carbon market, and you have access to them all. Bring your questions and challenges to gain a better understanding of the industry and what you should know moving forward.

Patrick Wood is the founder of Ag Methane Advisors, a consulting firm that helps livestock producers reap the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For the past 17 years, his primary focus has been on the various environmental commodities available to dairy producers. He has a background in production agriculture and a master’s degree in applied/ecological economics from the University of Vermont.

Mark Inkrott is co-founder and partner of UpField Group, a consulting and private investment firm that manages a capital portfolio of companies. Inkrott has led the consulting arm of UpField Group’s agriculture, food, energy and sports sectors for the previous 15 years. Prior to starting UpField, Inkrott worked for Dairy Management Inc., and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy in a variety of strategic roles.

Dr. Sara Kvidera, Ph.D., is a dairy technical consultant at Elanco Animal Health. Sara grew up on a row-crop and beef cow-calf farm in Iowa. She attended Kansas State University for her bachelor’s in science and completed her doctorate in nutritional science at Iowa State in 2017. Sara has studied and published in areas related to dairy cow metabolism, heat stress, inflammation, feed additives, and gut health.

Daniel Peerless is Nestlé Global’s sustainable sourcing lead for dairy, meat, poultry and eggs. He leads the implementation of the Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Standard within the global supply chain for animal-source ingredients and addresses key Nestlé priorities including human rights, animal welfare, deforestation and climate. As the technical lead for the Dairy Climate Taskforce, he identifies technologies and practices that can be applied to reduce emissions in Nestlé’s dairy supply.

Program Details


January 30, 2024


Member: $130

Non-member: $305

Each additional member from same farm: $100

Government: $75


Sheraton Madison Hotel

706 John Nolen Dr.

Madison, WI 53713

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