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American Cattlemen July 2024

This Issue Brings You:

  • Key Considerations for Proper Water Management
  • Take your Shot: Are Dart Guns an Effective Solution for Treatment?
  • Podcast Profile
  • Rawhide Introduces an Innovative Windbreak Solution

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Cattle Scan Wins Food Tech Farm to Fork Award at 2024 Inventures

On May 31st at The Inventures 2024 Breakthrough Innovation Event (Calgary, Canada), our company was honoured to receive the GROWING UP: FOOD TECH FARM TO FORK award! Inventures 2024, hosted by Alberta Innovates, is one of Canada’s top innovation conferences. Attracting over 4,000 attendees from 30+ countries, The 2024 Breakthrough Innovation Event brought together entrepreneurs, startups, investors, […]


Rawhide Introduces An Innovative Windbreak Solution

Rawhide Introduces An Innovative Windbreak Solution Article and photos courtesy of Rawhide Portable Corral For 22 years Rawhide Portable Corral has become a leader in corral design and manufacturing. But founder John McDonald’s innovativeness hasn’t stopped with corrals – he has made a name for himself, his family and his company throughout the agricultural industry […]


Benefits of Shade

Benefits of Shade By Stephen F. Higgins, Carmen T. Agouridis, and Sarah J. Wightman, University of Kentucky Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Enginering Although animals tend to reduce feed intake when they congregate under shade, there are benefits to shade in pasture-based grazing systems, which are explained in this publication. Although the benefits of providing […]


Mitigating Risk with Cattle Buildings: 4 Key Considerations for Success

Mitigating Risk with Cattle Buildings: 4 Key Considerations for Success Article provided by Accu-Steel, Inc. With input and acreage costs at an all-time high, beef production comes with tighter margins and more business risk than ever. This has prompted many producers to add cattle buildings for a more controlled environment — but not all cattle […]


Featured Story

Maximize Profitability with Wagyu

Beef Cattle producers are feeling more optimistic. With an El Nino winter forecasted, cattle producers are anticipating a reprieve from multi-year drought conditions. For consecutive years the beef cattle herd has been in decline due to environmental conditions. A March 2023 USDA report shows that since 2022, there has been a 4% decrease in beef cows, 6% decrease in replacement heifers, and 5% decrease in heifers expected to calve this year. According to another published USDA article, the latest cattle inventory peaked in 2019 at 94.8 million and has since plummeted 6% to 89.3 million this year. The rapid decline in beef cattle inventory over the past four years was driven by drought conditions; however Northern states experienced above average rainfall during the 2023 spring and summer months and in the coming months NOAA predicts a wetter-than-average winter in the southeastern United States, allowing calf producers in recovering areas to consider opportunities to rebuild their herd.


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