Cattlemen Applaud USDA Decision to Allow Emergency Grazing

WASHINGTON (April 4, 2017)
-- Craig Uden, president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, today
released the following statement in response to USDA’s authorization of
emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands in Kansas, Oklahoma,
and Texas:

“President Trump, the USDA, and Governors Brownback, Fallin, and Abbott
deserve a great deal of credit for moving swiftly to open these lands to
grazing so that many of the cattle producers who were dramatically impacted by
last month’s wildfires can feed their herds. Those devastating wildfires burned
more than 1.5 million acres in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas and killed an
estimated 9,000 – 18,000 cattle. Those cattle can’t be replaced, but today’s
action will help ranchers salvage what remains of their herds.”

Source: NCBA