MJE, LLC Celebrates 50 Years of Building Excellence with a Golden Anniversary Event

MJE, LLC Celebrates 50 Years of Building Excellence with a Golden Anniversary Event

Article and photo courtesy of MJE Livestock Equipment

Wichita, Kansas—MJE, LLC, a pioneer in the construction and agricultural equipment industry, marked its 50th anniversary with a grand celebration at B-29 Doc’s Hangar in Wichita, Kansas. The event highlighted the company’s enduring legacy and commitment to the future of agriculture and construction. Founded by Max Jantz, MJE, LLC has evolved from a local dirt-moving operation to a leader in construction services and livestock equipment, now helmed by his children, Heather and Aaron Jantz.

The Golden Anniversary celebration was an homage to the hard work, innovation, and community that have been the hallmark of MJE, LLC since its inception. Attendees included the Jantz family, employees, clients, vendors, and friends of the company, all gathering to honor the past and look forward to the future.

The evening featured a dinner, music by the Cory Farley Band, and a special video tribute encapsulating the spirit of collaboration and achievement that defines MJE, LLC. “This event is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, the trust of our clients, and the support of our community,” said Aaron Jantz, co-owner of MJE, LLC.

MJE, LLC’s story began with Max Jantz’s ambition and has grown through the addition of comprehensive construction services and the expansion into MJE Livestock Equipment. Under the leadership of Heather and Aaron Jantz, the company now employs over 240 individuals and continues to innovate within the agricultural and construction industries.

The celebration also served as an opportunity to express gratitude towards the company’s employees, clients, and partners. “Our success is a collective effort, and this milestone belongs to every member of the MJE family,” stated Heather Jantz, co-owner of MJE, LLC.

Looking to the future, MJE, LLC is poised for continued growth and innovation. Focusing on expanding capabilities in civil, environmental, feedyard, and dairy construction and growing the dealer network for MJE Livestock Equipment, the company is committed to keeping the agricultural industry safe, profitable, and innovative.

As MJE, LLC embarks on the next 50 years, the company invites stakeholders and the community to stay connected through its website and newsletter. “Together, we look forward to building excellence for generations to come,” concluded the Jantz family.

For more information about MJE, LLC and its services, please visit www.mjellc.net.

About MJE, LLC  

MJE, LLC, founded by Max Jantz, has grown from a modest dirt-moving operation into a leading provider of construction services and livestock equipment. With a legacy of innovation and community engagement, MJE, LLC is dedicated to advancing the agricultural and construction industries.

About MJE Livestock Equipment

MJE Livestock Equipment makes the lives of farmers and ranchers easier through strategic herd management advice, facility design, and American-made livestock equipment built with innovation that makes ranching easier and cattle safe, healthy, and happy. 

To learn more about MJE Livestock Equipment and become part of their fast-growing network of dealers, visit our website: www.mjelivestockequipment.com/dealers

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