Bimeda® US Launches BOVitalize™ – A New Oral Vitamin and Mineral Supplement For Cattle

Bimeda® US Launches BOVitalize™ – A New Oral Vitamin and Mineral Supplement For Cattle

Article courtesy of Bimeda®

Bimeda, Inc. has recently launched BOVitalize™ in the US. BOVitalize is an oral vitamin and mineral supplement for beef and dairy cows, bulls and ruminating calves.

Vitamin and mineral nutrition is vital to cattle throughout their lifetimes. Both play a key role in reproduction and fertility, growth and development, immunity, and performance. Inadequate vitamin and mineral levels in cattle can lead to suppressed immune function, lower fertility and decreased growth rates—all of which will negatively impact a producers’ bottom line.

In an ideal situation, the majority of an animal’s required vitamins and minerals should be furnished through their daily diet of high-quality forages and/or grains. However, this is not always guaranteed, and supplementation should be used to achieve adequate levels.

BOVitalize contains selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E. The product was specifically designed to complement operations’ existing nutrition program to provide key trace mineral fortification to support cattle productivity during stressful events in their lifetimes—like calving, breeding, branding, weaning, transport, and processing—where the bioavailability of nutrients can be negatively affected.

“Bimeda is excited to offer a product containing key vitamins and trace minerals that will give veterinarians and producers the ability to supplement cattle when they need it in a convenient manner.” said Dr. Chris Thomsen, Senior Technical Services Veterinarian, Bimeda US.

BOVitalize is administered to cattle as a single oral dose of 5 mL per 220 pound of body weight and will be available initially in 4 Liter jugs.

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