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This Issue Brings You:
  • BVD – Importance of Vaccination, Testing and Biosecurity to Protect Cattle
  • Evolving TMR Mixing Technology
  • Rawhide Portable Corrals:A Long-standing History of Helping the Industry
  • Here’s How to Set Up Your Cows and Calves for Long-Term Success
  • Smith Oasis Cattle Benefits from Onsite Weighing
This Issue Brings You:
  • Estate Planning: Set the Next Generation up Right
  • Drought Will Continue; Supplementation Remains Critical
  • Sexed Semen Technology for Beef Cattle
  • Keeping Winter Water Freezing at Bay
  • Under Cover
  • Last of the Great Texas Land Dynasties
This Issue Brings You:
  • Portable Corrals Provide Many Benefits
  • Selecting the Right Rifle
  • Maintaining Your Herd
  • The Direct-to-consumer Beef Market: Is it for you?
  • Using Winter Supplements for Herd Health
  • Beefmaster Commits to Sustainability with Efficiency EPDs
  • Your 5-Step Solution to Upgrade from an S04
  • Lights, Camera, Cattle
This Issue Brings You
  • Low-Stress Weaning Strategies Keep Calves Healthier
  • Hauling innovations to make your next trip a safer one
  • Handling Livestock Efficiently and Effectively
  • Ask A Rancher: Does Cottonseed Benefit Beef Cattle?
  • The Heart of Your Operation
  • A Rancher’s Investment for Information
This issue bring you
  • Innovations in Fence Repair
  • Making Your Skid Steer Work For You
  • Protein Supplements May be needed for Mature, Dry Forages
  • Fall Run: Feed & Nutrition
  • The ‘Weigh’ to Decide on Livestock Scales
  • Staying Ahead of the Herd with Technology
  • Dairy Beef Market Strong with Crossbred Genetics
  • Ready to Make your Life Easier?
  • Meeks Farm: Utilizing Winter-long Grazing
This issue brings you:
  • Backgrounding Calves
  • 2021 Convention Timing Offers New Opportunities for Attendees
  • Finding The Right Bale Processor
  • Customizing Herd Sire Specifications
  • Rawhide Portable Corrals: A Long-standing History of Helping the Industry
  • New Study Finds Whole Cottonseed Is a Valuable Option for Feedlots
  • Plan a Quick, New Fence System
  • Datamars Livestock has Revolutionized Tissue Collection for Genetic Testing in the Cattle Industry
  • Partners in Progress: Compass Minerals
  • Safety Tips when Working in a Cattle Chute
  • Endovac-Beef
  • Texas A&M University Beefmaster Herd Continues to Grow
  • A “No Scale Attached” Advancement for Weighing Cattle
  • Smith Oasis Cattle Benefits from Onsite Weighing
  • Portable Ultrasound Has Many Uses for the Beef Industry
  • EZ Milker Makes Colostrum Retrieval or Mastitis Treatment Easy
  • Naturally Better Omega 3 (NBO3) for Livestock
  • New Generation of Nutrition, Backed with the American Tradition
This issue brings you:
  • An Evolution of Sorts
  • Co-Species Grazing - A Forgotten Pasture Management Tool
  • Summer Hydration - Ways To Minimize Heat Stress and Dehydration
  • Controlling BVD Takes A Multifaceted Approach
  • Advancing The Future of the Cattle Industry through Technology
  • A Growing Enterprise
This issue brings you:
  • Effective Fly Control
  • Treating Calf Diarrhea - Dealing with Dehydration
  • Cancer Eye – An Ugly Issue
  • Altosid® IGR Effectively Controls Horn Fly Poplulations
  • The Countdown is on for Empire Farm Days
  • The Future of Weighing Livestock is Here and it doesn’t Include Scales
  • 5 Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Livestock Scale
  • Legal for Trade Livestock Scales at County Fairs
  • Hue Fussell had a Problem. Flies.
This issue brings you:
  • Building Durable Barbed-Wire Fences
  • Cattle Handling Facilities
  • Keeping Safety and Security at the Forefront with Today’s Corral Systems
  • Pinkeye: A Variable Disease Requires Variable Solutions
  • Step Out of the Box with New Cattle Handling System Designs
This issue brings you:
  • Editors Statement
  • Prepping for an Ag Career Starts Now
  • Importance of Feed Testing to Make Sure Nutrient Requirements are Met
  • Weighing the Benefits of Today’s Scaling Systems
  • BRC: A New Generation of Brahman Excellence
  • Smith Oasis Cattle Benefits from Onsite Weighing
  • Attachments Can Help Ease Cattle Ranching Workload
This issue brings you:
  • Publisher Statement
  • Breeding Soundness Examinations for Bulls
  • Keep Biosecurity Simple and Realistic
  • Solid Silage Production
  • Red Doc Farm
  • Baling Hay with May Wes Poly Pickup Bands
  • New Study Finds Whole Cottonseed Is a Valuable Option for Feedlots
  • DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager
  • Jensen’s Lucky Seven Angus Ranch
This issue brings you:
  • Thoughts From A Cattlemen
  • Do Your Homework When Aiming For A Niche Market
  • Establishing Ideal Pasture Seeding Plans
  • Public Interactions: Accurately Sharing The Cattle Story
  • The ClicRweight® Bovine Solution. It’s A Game Changer!