The Versatile, Greaseless, & Strong Trailer Hitch

Published on Thu, 01/06/2022 - 11:17am

The Versatile, Greaseless, & Strong Trailer Hitch.

 Article courtesy of Andersen Hitches.

 The Original Rapid Hitch is crafted by Andersen Hitches for the avid traveler, hard worker, & outdoorsman.

Made of polished 6061-T6 aluminum, the Rapid Hitch will never chip, peel, or rust. Not only does the Rapid Hitch look good, but it tows even better. The adjustable design allows for a simple towing experience; so all you have to do is pull the pin, adjust the height, and slip the pin back in place.

Andersen customers like using the Rapid Hitch, because of its versatility. “It’s nice to have the adjustability and load capacity that this hitch does. It looks great too!” said Tim B, Rapid Hitch owner.

Another perk of the Rapid Hitch is ditching the grease. Andersen designed the mess-free combo ball, the Greaseless AlumiBall, so you will never have to worry about greasing the tow ball or coupler ever again. In addition, Andersen covers the greaseless cap of the ball under a lifetime warranty.

With Andersen’s selection of adjustment racks, shank sizes, combo ball sizes, and ball material; you can have one Rapid Hitch that fits all of your tow vehicles. You can choose from a 4”, 6”, 8” or 10” drop/rise adjustable rack to get the range you need.

Depending on the shank and combo ball, it can tow trailers up to 12,500 lbs GTWR. Every Rapid Hitch meets V5 and SAE J684 certifications and is covered under a 1 year warranty.

After years of towing, another Andersen customer recommended the hitch for its design and integrity. “I have owned my Rapid Hitch for many years and have towed many heavy payloads,” said Jeff Taylor, a Rapid Hitch owner, “and with confidence [I] recommend Andersen Hitches products to all who are in the market for these products.”

Provide 24/7 Security to Your Rapid Hitch
Adding a set of Stainless Steel Locking Pins from Andersen Hitches provides 24/7 security for your Rapid Hitch. The Rapid Hitch Locking Pins come with two pins: one for the adjustment rack and one for the receiver. Each pin is 99% rust-resistant and includes a rubber dust cap to protect it from liquids and other grime.

The patented heavy-duty triple ball bearing mechanism ensures a solid and secure attachment, with over 30,000 lbs of shear strength. No more ’false locks’ with our Clik-Lock system—the key can only be removed after the head fully locks.

USA Made Premier Towing Products
As a US-based trailer hitch manufacturer, Andersen Hitches prides themselves in creating premier towing products that improves the journey from your home to your getaway. It’s why they don’t just make hitches for trailers, but for people like you—the recreational travelers, the hard workers, and the avid sportsmen.

Since their beginning, they have introduced many “firsts” to the trailer hitch and towing industry. From the light-weight design of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection to the simplicity of the Rapid Jack tire changing tool, they continue to design original and effective towing solutions for a variety of truck and trailer setups.

In addition, they only aim to provide the most elite customer service. Their towing experts are ready to assist you; whether it be finding you the right hitch or guiding you through a product installation. Andersen covers every hitch and trailer accessory under warranty to guarantee you a premier towing experience.

Andersen Hitches also believes in supporting local dealers near you. They sell trailer hitches and accessories through a network of authorized dealers all across the US, so customers can join them in supporting local businesses and US jobs.

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