Unlock the Power of Productivity: The Best Cattle Handling System for New Ranchers

Published on Tue, 06/27/2023 - 12:58pm

Unlock the Power of Productivity: The Best Cattle Handling System for New Ranchers

Article courtesy of Arrowquip. Written by Kaydence Michalsky

The world is everchanging, and the cattle industry is no exception. In recent years, ranchers have been through the wringer, experiencing everything from drought, flash floods, sicknesses, increased input costs, and low sale prices.

However, even with these challenges, a renewed energy is emerging in the cattle industry. Cattle prices in most areas are the highest they have been in years, and a new wave of aspiring cattle ranchers is emerging in those seeking self-sufficiency, a closer connection to nature, and sustainable living. Also driven by the increase in food prices and the curiosity to know where their food comes from, an exciting new era of transformation and growth is coming to the cattle industry.

As more people embrace the ranching lifestyle, the need for efficient and safe user-friendly cattle equipment is becoming more present. Recognizing the evolving needs of ranchers, Arrowquip has responded with innovative solutions to streamline cattle handling and empower ranchers to thrive.

Streamlined Cattle Handling
Introducing Arrowquip’s new 10 and 20 Head Cattle Handling Systems. Designed with efficiency and safety in mind, these systems are the perfect solution for those with only a few head of cattle, or who are starting to grow their operation. These handling systems can be tailor-made based on the number of cattle you have and can adapt to your operation as it grows.

Since the beginning, Arrowquip’s focus has been on safe, low-stress cattle handling that works with animal science. It is evident in every piece of cattle equipment it manufactures, and these new cattle handling systems are no exception. Through research, experts have found that using cattle’s instincts can prove to be beneficial to cattle flow when working through systems. When stress is minimized, the risk of injury to you and your herd is also reduced.

Small, Efficient Cattle Handling Systems
If you are a rancher with 20 or fewer head, you don’t need a large system to work your cattle. Often, having too large of a system for your herd can make trying to handle them difficult as they can easily evade you. With systems designed for your herd numbers, you can work your cattle efficiently and confidently, no matter your level of experience. These cattle handling systems incorporate many user-friendly features from the chute, all the way to the panels and gates.
Currently, within the 10 and 20-Head Systems, there are three model types that cater to ranchers’ unique needs: Base, Essential, and Deluxe. The Base models offer corral panels and gates in a circular shape that works with cattle’s instinct to move in curves. The cattle are then guided into a panel force and through to the Q-Catch 54 Series chute. The Essential models are an expansion of what the Base model offers, including a panel alley with rolling alley gate for better flow from the panel force to the chute. The rolling gate also features an ambidextrous handle that is easy to operate from either side.

For those seeking a more advanced cattle handling solution, the Deluxe system models are your answer. Like the Base model and Essential models, cattle come into a circular shaped pen and are guided into the panel force. From there, rather than a panel alley, the Deluxe models include an 8’ Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley for streamlined cattle movement. Another main difference with the Deluxe systems is the chute. Unlike the Base and Essential models, Deluxe models come with the Q-Catch 74 Series chute with vet cage which allows for more access, functionality and efficiency.

System Selection
No matter what option you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that these systems are 100% customizable to give you a system that best aligns with your needs. Want to add a hydraulic cattle chute? No problem! Even if you start out with a Base 10-Head System, you can upgrade to an Easy Flow Adjustable Alley or simply add a few extra corral panels.

As we continue to see an influx of new ranchers coming into the industry, Arrowquip’s 10 and 20-Head Cattle Handling Systems offer the perfect solution for any small-scale operation. Ranchers can now have confidence in their equipment knowing that safety and low-stress cattle handling for the operator and their cattle are top priorities. For more information, visit arrowquip.com.