Types of Livestock Scales

Published on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 5:35pm

Livestock scales are generally used in weighing large animals like cattle, horses and sheep, since these animals need to be held and weighed accurately. Weighing scales are particularly important to veterinarians specializing in farm animals because typical veterinary scales are unable to weigh large animals. Likewise, weighing scales are also used in zoos to monitoring the weights of the animals.

Another place where weighing scales come in handy are farms that sell livestock for profit. It must be made sure that the scale being bought is incredibly durable and can withstand even harsh farm conditions. As far as possible, you should buy livestock scales for sale that are water-resistant, so as to ensure that these will not easily get damaged or corrode due to animal waste or rain. The good thing about this type of weighing scale is that it can obtain an accurate measurement even if the animal is moving. Manufacturers design these scales with sensors that can work efficiently according to the unpredictable behavior of the animals being weighed.


When purchasing livestock scales, it is necessary to consider a few significant factors. The first thing to consider is the kind of animals that will be weighed as well as their characteristics. You can choose pen-like scales, which are ideal for weighing animals that are difficult to rule. On the other hand, you can also choose a rectangular or square scale which will be perfect for weighing heavier animals. It is important to choose the appropriate scale, so as to ensure accurate weight measurements.


Pen-type scales provide detailed analysis about the weight of the animal. These provide a comprehensive idea of the weight in different formats such as pounds and kilos. A plus point is that the animal will not slip as there is a mat placed on the bottom of the weighing scale to cater to this problem. The scale can also come handy in other tasks. For instance, it can be used when vaccinating or giving treatment to the animal, so as to prevent it from moving around. Pen-type scales are easy to use and it is very simple to determine the weight due to the LCD screen that displays the figures. It can also run on electricity or battery, thus being convenient according to your needs. This type of livestock scale, however, is not suitable for bigger and heavier animals.


Another type of livestock scale that you can purchase is the flat scale. It has a strong base that can weigh large animals weighing more than 500 pounds. That is why when weighing bigger animals, a flat scale is widely preferred. Likewise, the battery back-up of the flat scale is great and is used in laboratories. However, this type of weighing scale cannot confine the animal, which is why it may be difficult to determine the accurate weight.


Understanding your livestock, your needs and your budget will help you find the right scale for you.   


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