Stepping Up to The New Age of Cattle Handling & Equipment

Published on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 10:03am

 Stepping Up to The New Age of Cattle Handling & Equipment

 By Aleeya Laureola.

Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” Who do you think the legendary car manufacturer was talking to? If we didn’t know any better, we could assume that he was giving advice to a friend involved in the beef cattle business.

Everybody knows that ranchers have a habit of sticking to what works, especially when routines and procedures have been set in place long before. Not to mention that in most cases, the younger generation of ranchers learned all there was to know about running the operation by working alongside ranchers with more experience under their belts – a.k.a. their parents. Like most farm and livestock operations, cattle ranching is a multigenerational family business by tradition, although there is an increase in demand for hired help now.
    All cattle ranches are built with sincere intentions for longevity and security for generations to come. As Ford stated, doing the same thing will guarantee the same results. However, that would also mean that no change will be done to grow and improve. Given that the world has been constantly changing at an alarming rate, what steps do you need to take in order to secure your ranch for another decade?
These days, free time is now a luxury more than ever and safety comes first before anything else, making some ranchers shift their focus towards innovative techniques and equipment that boost efficiency without compromising safety. Since better cattle management is a necessity not just for handler safety and profitability but for animal welfare too, using a good combination of low-stress handling and properly engineered cattle equipment is what ranchers now see as a need to have, from it once being simply a nice to have.   
    Know your animals. Low-stress cattle handling uses animal behavior to convince cattle to move where you want them to go. Anyone can do better in applying low-stress handling techniques just by reading up on how cattle behave. Learning about your animals will help you better communicate with them, making it easier for all animals and people involved.   
    The key to sustaining a cattle ranch in the modern age is constant improvement – not by leaps and bounds, but in small steps that take you closer to the ranch operation you have always dreamed of. Taking your time instead of rushing big decisions will allow you to achieve smaller goals that ultimately contribute to the grand scheme of things. And when family is involved (which is always), making small improvements here and there will also keep your other members from being overwhelmed with change, making it easier for you to move forward.  
    Invest in cattle handling equipment wisely, especially when choosing your next cattle chute. With many manufacturers to choose from in North America, evaluating a piece of equipment based on its safety features, ease-of-use, and innovative design will help you decide if it can bring you closer
to the ranch you’ve always wanted. However, the scrutiny does not stop there. Limitations such as the allotted budget often cause ranchers to settle for equipment of lesser value, compromising the overall safety and quality of their set up.   

Since 1988, Arrowquip’s purpose has always been to improve the business of livestock handling through innovative design and engineering for every rancher. However, most ranchers who are determined to improve tend to get discouraged after seeing the cost on a cattle chute that hits the mark on safety, efficiency, and quality, with all bells and whistles included. The consequence? Ranchers have been doing the same thing they have been doing for years, resulting to the same outcomes or worse.  
    The reality is this: some ranchers settle for the bare minimum of what works only because the options in the market are limited, preventing them from improving the safety and efficiency of their ranch... UNTIL NOW.

Launched at the start of the year, the Q-Catch 74 Series is Arrowquip’s newest squeeze chute that will easily teleport ranch operations looking to make that next step into today’s era. And the best part is that there are simply no compromises needed. With the Q-Catch 74 Series, you can gain all the features you need to work cattle safely and efficiently for the best value.  
    The makers of the world’s quietest manual squeeze chute have carefully engineered the Q-Catch 74 Series to have all the practical and easy-to-use features the Q-Catch 86 Series is famous for. Similarities include patented auto-locking mechanisms, full access points, and user-friendly features. Engineered for the rancher who is stuck in this market gap in mind, the Q-Catch 74 Series is a straightforward cattle chute guaranteed to boost your operation’s productivity.

Arrowquip is known for basing their equipment designs on animal science research to improve cattle flow using available light. By incorporating Arrowquip’s 3E™ System into the Q-Catch head gate design, cattle are able to see light through the head gate even when closed. The unique barred style uses light to draw cattle into chute, enhancing flow and catching accuracy. Experts say this feature works best when the head gate is operated at the rear, allowing ranchers to apply a simple, yet effective technique of point of balance handling.  
    When combined with Arrowquip’s patented dual-friction locks and push-to-close, pull-to-open levers, every type of rancher is guaranteed to have an easy time operating this cattle chute. The Q-Catch 74 Series also requires no adjustments when working various sizes of cattle, making it far simpler to use than most chutes in the market today.  

The Q-Catch 74 Series provides you with all the access points you need to doctor your cattle from front to rear, including top and bottom access doors on both sides. Arrowquip’s upgraded needle access door now features a drop-down needle bar that lets ranchers administer injections quickly. For added security especially when using the vet cage, the rubber-coated fiberglass bar and rump fingers will help keep cattle stationary and prevent kicking.

Arrowquip believes that ranchers should have confidence in their equipment just as much as they do. By extending the standard chute warranty to 7 years, the Q-Catch 74 Series cattle chute carries the longest cattle chute warranty ever offered by a manufacturer. Additionally, the head gate & squeeze auto-locking mechanisms, as well as the row of rump fingers, are backed with a true lifetime guarantee, ensuring that you can feel secure with your Arrowquip equipment for generations to come.

The Q-Catch 74 Series cattle chute also comes in Arrowquip’s newest portable chute, alley, & tub unit. Built for safe and efficient cattle handling anywhere, the Portable Q-Catch 74 Series full handling system features an 8’ cradle-shaped adjustable cattle alley section and a crowding tub with an 8-foot radius. With an improved patent-pending system frame optimized for mobility, Arrowquip’s newest portable cattle handling system features the industry’s most compact tow package, including a unique collapsible tub that reduces its length by 8’ when folded in.
Whether you’re looking to replace your old equipment, or add more to your lineup, the Q-Catch 74 Series cattle chute and portable chute, alley & tub are guaranteed to take your ranch operation to the next level.  
You’re finally allowed to change what you’ve always done, to get the results you’ve always wanted.  

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“We have operated a ‘Mom and Pop’ cattle operation in Oregon for over 38 years. After changing from using a bull to AI last year, we realized we needed to upgrade our old self-catch chute. We shopped around and found only the same old theme in the cattle handling equipment for sale. We were impressed with the Arrowquip Q-Catch 8500. It was obviously developed by someone who worked with cattle and knew “cow psychology”. All of Arrowquip’s equipment is clever by design and makes our job safer and easier.”  
Ed and Linda Horacek
Q-Catch 85 Series, Yamhill, OR

“The real question here is what is not to like about the Q-Catch. Everyone should have one of these.”
Marsha Pulliam
Q-Catch 86 Series, Berry, KY

“I started looking for new chute last year and the very first one I looked at was an Arrowquip on a friend’s farm. I was really impressed. I typically work my Brahman cattle alone, and Arrowquip has some really great features if you’re working solo. I did look at 8-10 other brands but could not find anything that came close.”
Dale Dodd
Q-Catch 86 Series, AL

“We had never purchased, or even seen, an Arrowquip chute before, but we had seen their exhibit at the World Ag Expo, and we really liked the design. Also, it’s a very quiet and smooth chute compared to our old one. We are very pleased with it so far.”
Perigo Hay & Cattle
Q-Power 106 Series, Lund, NV