SPREAD THE WORD: Jaylor Introduces A New Line of Manure Spreaders

Published on Tue, 05/10/2016 - 9:25am

Jaylor is pleased to introduce its new line of manure spreaders. The model lineup consists of 4 sizes. The first model to be introduced will be the M1670 which has a capacity of 670 cubic feet (Struck level). The other models: M1480, M1600HD and M1780HD will have load capacities of 480, 600 and 780 cubic feet (Struck level) respectively.

For over 20 years, Jaylor has been designing and manufacturing TMR Mixers earning a world-renowned name for producing a ration with better nutrition. Through the years, the design philosophy has been to achieve a better ration with a simply-designed product. "Well thought-out simplicity has always been at the core of our approach, along with thorough testing. This design method inherently facilitates longevity and ease of maintenance and operation," notes Craig Darroch, lead engineer on the project "over-complicated products are more likely to fail."

Simplicity is the keynote, as the entire commercial manure spreader model range has been engineered to be simple yet robust, providing years of trouble-free performance. Cambered commercial-grade highway axles and brakes are standard equipment along with oil bath hubs, making the chassis virtually maintenance-free.

"Commercial highway grade axles and brakes are actually built for many more miles than these products will ever see but this translates into longevity for our customers." Product manager, Trevor Sutcliffe says. "Spare parts are also readily available because they are commonly used on highway trailers."

Conventional straight axles see extra wear on the inside of the tires, especially with extensive road travel, leading to premature tire replacement. For this reason, Jaylor's new line of commercial spreaders are available with numerous tire options up to 850/50 R30.5 and cambered axles to balance the weight across the width of the tire, promoting even wear and low compaction.

The optional hydraulic slide axle on the HD models allows for operation in the muddiest and hilliest conditions as dynamic load balancing provides on-the-fly tongue weight ratio adjustments from 0.5%-10%. These units are able to easily operate in the most extreme conditions where conventional trucks and trailer models aren't able to travel. Commonly oversized tractors are used for operation on soft ground or hilly terrain leading to excessive compaction also tying up equipment that is needed elsewhere on the farm. Jaylor's simple slide axle system allows adjustment to be made from the tractor seat, putting full control into the hands of the driver. This has also proven useful in tight barnyards as the operator has control over the turning radius.

The quick-attach vertical beaters, provide a full 40' of consistent spread both from front to back of the load and across the width of the spread. Paired with their optional quick-release rear canopy, material can be precisely applied over 50' and from 4-15 Tons/Acre. When the optional canopy is attached, the beaters mill the material down, allowing it to drop onto the spinner tray where it can be evenly spread. A movable door in the canopy allows for fine-tune adjustments for various materials and provides full control of the wind flow making it easy to work with what is typically difficult material. The quick-attach system also allows for windrowing manure in off seasons or fast conversion into a silage wagon.

The beaters are held by reinforced 2-1/4' bearings which will withstand the abuse from large stones and frozen chunks. Six paddles on the beater base, allow for a fine spread of fibrous and liquid material. Liquid material is contained during transport by a hydraulic guillotine door with rubber seals. "It has taken years of development and testing to design beaters that are able to both handle frozen chunks and evenly spread compost and chicken manure." says Mr. Sutcliffe.

The ball hitch and spring ride is another example of a simple innovation that makes the manure spreading chore a little easier. Dual suspension springs on either side of the tongue dynamically dampen vibrations and bumps making for a much more pleasant ride in the tractor cab. For more information visit www.jaylor.com.