Social Media and Internet Marketing for Beef Producers

Published on Thu, 04/28/2022 - 2:57pm

Social Media and Internet Marketing for Beef Producers.

 By Jaclyn Krymowski.

Multiple factors go into a successful marketing program – in today’s day and age, not the least of which involves at least a bit of social media and internet presence. The fact is the vast majority of your customers – be they beef consumers, commercial cattlemen, seedstock producers or club calf enthusiasts – are active online and looking there to make their next purchase.

There are a variety of ways in which you can spread your brand, services or products online and see results. But, like anything else in marketing, doing so is a skillset and involves using the right tools and techniques to stand out above the competition. Fortunately, with the right tools, knowledge and a few simple techniques you can maximize your online presence for a minimal invest in your time and (optionally) finances.

Harness social media and web marketing
If you are already an established business by word of mouth or reputation – some of the most valuable marketing assets – you already have an advantage when it comes to online platforms. Starting with an immediate circle that already knows your company and its offerings can help build up that larger online following. Be sure to share with your current customers, family and other friends in the industry that you are incorporating online marketing to your strategy. Share your website and social channels via email, word of mouth and put them on your business cards and other marketing materials.

Speaking of social channels – what should you focus on?
The more places you are, the more people you can reach. But not all social media channels are equal. At the very least, you should have a basic website (which could range from a simple page explaining who you are with contact information to a full-blown online shop) and a business Facebook page. Depending on your audience, you may find more leverage on Instagram, Twitter or even LinkedIn, but Facebook and a website are usually the two that are most expected and easy for customers to find you.

To know what platforms work best, it may take a bit of experimenting and seeing what works for others targeting your same market. If you take lots of photos and market products or animals that make great videos Instagram may be the best place to grow. On the other hand, if you’re looking to target serious professionals LinkedIn is the better platform. Again, it’s about observation with trial and error.

There are additional ways to gain engagement with any social media page such as sharing relevant articles and links. If your website has a store or blog, you can always cross promote to make sure customers and followers have full access.

Additional benefits for stock sales
Internet marketing has changed the game for sale managers and producers going through their herds to add new animals. Presence online allows you to share with your potential values what your values and priorities are. This indirect marketing is a powerful tactic. By engaging in relevant conversations with like-minded individuals you are establishing your identity and authority as a competent and serious seller. When you establish this solid ground, these people will be more apt to come to you for their needs.

Similarly, you can also (positively) interact with different brands and products online as a way to reach your audience even further.

If you regularly consign animals to online sales, be sure to promote those lots on your personal channels and don’t rely on your auction to be the sole representative. You can also use these sales as an opportunity to drive more traffic to your primary website so potential buyers can learn more about you and your operation. Be sure to keep your pages looking clean and professional with good photos.

How to implement a marketing plan
When creating a marketing plan, identify the target audience and what unique product or genetics you are providing, along with the competition. Developing a marketing program, according to a Mississippi State University Extension article Beef Cattle Seedstock Marketing, involves knowing the trends not in just the past year but maybe the past few, and this includes recognizing the desires and needs of those target audience members.

Remember that the core of all marketing – both done in the physical and virtual – should be based on honesty, transparency and a raw connection with your customers. Online marketing can do all these things, but remember the screen can also make it easier to misrepresent a business or cause unintentional friction with others in the industry. Be sure you are representing your product and brand accurately and you don’t rely on negativity towards other producers to land sales.

Marketing online is a great tool and resource to give your operation a wider reach and access to a diverse group of customers both near and far.
A lot has changed in online marketing tactics and tools, and it will inevitably continue to evolve as society continues to fall in love the convenience of the internet. While online presence alone is hardly a surefire way to land sales, it is an inevitable resource you’ll need to tap into as your business grows.

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