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Published on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 11:46am

R&R Machine has served the cattle feeding industry since 1976 as the leader in the field of manufacturing of roller mills, steam chest, corrugation of rolls as well as providing complete service for all feed mill needs. For over 37 years they have provided quality service to customers throughout the United States. R&R has also provided equipment and service for 20+ years around the world and have established a reputation for quality in the product they manufacture and the service they provide.

R&R’s facility is located in Dalhart, Texas and is constructed and equipped to service the manufacturing of new equipment, as well as sales and service of existing customers. Their state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel offer unmatched service and quality. R&R facilities and equipment are designed for servicing our customers in the most efficient, productive and cost effective manner.

The majority of R&R’s customers are in the United States but they have grown substantially in providing equipment and service to Australia, Europe, Poland, Africa, Russia, Brazil and Mexico. They have learned a lot about the needs around the world and have worked to provide quality products in a growing industry.

Known worldwide as the leader in production of roller mills, R&R Machine is the most respected name in the industry.  They are the leaders in the manufacturing and service of feeding mills and the roller mill industry serving the cattle and livestock feeding, and grain milling.



R&R opened their doors in Texas in 1976, and started as a machine shop working with local businesses.  They soon begin getting more business from local farmers, ranchers and feedyards and expanded to service these businesses.  While working on mills at feedyards they determined that there was a better way. A thorough needs analysis was performed and it was determined there was better ways of building mills to produce better quality feed and also be able to service the equipment more efficient. As their customers will attest, R&R is much more than just a machine shop.

R&R, a family owned business for many years, is now employee owned. This move was necessary to demonstrate their commitment to growth and the best products and the highest level of customer service. Because of this change their family has just grown larger. Their team has incredible knowledge and they utilize this for efficient and effective production and service to the cattle feeding industry.



R&R are experts in the manufacturing of quality roller and cracker mills, steam chests, high moisture KanRoll mills, as well as providing superior service to mill processing, mill repair, roll changes, grind and corrugation. They also work with many millwright groups to provide a quality installation.

Having the ability to service a feedyards mill, R&R is unique.  They sell new parts, rebuilt parts, or fabricate specific, hard to find equipment. This is helpful because many feedyards have mills that were manufactured by companies no longer in business or that no longer build that style of mill. R&R can grind and corrugate rolls, provide hydraulic repair, gearbox repair, metal fabrication, new bearings and belt sales, new motor sales and the sale or repair of any type of flaker or cracker mill. R & R started repairing pellet and hammer mills that are widely used by the hog feeding industry. R&R is also doing work in the industrial trade of soybean flaking.

Utilizing technology is a great way to have great gains in efficiencies. R&R provides multiple alternatives utilizing technology and are the industry leader in providing a true automation control that can control the roll gap side to side. The RR1000 controls start/stop rolls, start/stop and variable feeder speed, open/close rolls, steam modulating, and safety auto shut off capabilities. The RR500 is a downsized version that takes care of the most utilized functions. The R&R Steam Loop System saves in energy cost and provides a more consistent cook of grain in the steam chest. 

One of the key items R&R works towards is the safety of its employees and the customers they serve. Their philosophy is that safety should be practiced and thought about every minute of every day and they focus on safety training to educate their customers and their employees. 

The main goal at R&R is to try and please their customers while taking pride in their work. R&R utilizes quality reviews and checks to make sure any product manufactured or service performed is the highest quality.



Best Practice methods or techniques are used when manufacturing and servicing their customers. This is how R&R consistently shows superior results in how they provide products and services. It’s the details that make the difference in saving the customer money in the long run, this key strategic talent required when applying best practice is the ability to balance the unique qualities of an organization with the practices that it has in common with others.



R&R is showing significant growth as a result of their commitment to provide quality products and services to their customers.  Retaining current business while attracting new customers has provided R&R with growth far beyond expectations. They operate by one simple belief…quality products and honest people are what keep new and existing customers coming back.

They do not compete on price alone, but instead strive to be number one in quality, service, and value.  In addition, they are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in case customers have problems or need parts. They understand cattle eat everyday and feedyards cannot afford to have extended downtime, even over holidays and weekends. They always have employees, with pagers, on call after hours and weekends.

Covering the cattle feeding industry - roller mills are critical to produce a quality product and R&R’s slogan is “We Keep You Rolling”.



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Contact Information:

Warren Cornelius • President/CEO

1006 Liberal • Dalhart Texas 79022

806-244-5686 • www.r-rmachine.com