Rhino Tool Company: Driven to Perfection, Driving T-Posts

Published on Tue, 12/02/2014 - 10:18am

For a cattle producer, building fence can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to driving miles of T-posts. Rhino Tool Company (www.rhinotool.com), located in Kewanee, IL, has both a time and back saving answer to this problem! As a manufacturer of 11 models of post drivers, either air operated or gas powered, along with four different post pullers, Rhino Tool Company’s motto is “Driven to Perfection!” Established by Bob Martin in 1975, the business is now guided by Bob’s son James Martin.
Bob Tellier, marketing manager, says, “Rhino knows fencing. Our products have been driving fence posts for nearly 40 years.” Since the creation of the company, Rhino manufactured a series of air operated post drivers, but beginning in 2012, Rhino introduced the gas powered driver to the product line. “With most of the air operated post drivers being heavier and directed at heavy-duty applications, we realized the need for a powerful yet more mobile driver and felt gas powered tools would fit nicely into our offering,” notes Tellier. The first was the Rhino® GPD-30 Ranch Pro.™ This was followed by the Rhino® GPD-40 Fence Pro™ and now in 2014 the even more powerful Rhino® GPD-45 Multi-Pro.™ All three are powered by a highly efficient Honda 4-cycle engine that takes regular gas, thus eliminating the need for a gas/oil mixture.
According to Tellier, “All three of these models are simple to use. We have videos on our website that show just how easy it is to run these gas powered drivers. All you do is put the driver over the post, keep it centered on the top of the post, apply a small amount of downward pressure and squeeze the throttle. This activates the internal components and drives the post down to the required depth. They definitely save a lot of time and physical labor.”
Charles Newsom, who farms in Bell County Texas, concurs about the speed and ease of driving T-posts with the Ranch Pro. “We were having a boundary survey performed. With the tall grass, it was difficult to see and find the pins for the survey. So we used the tool to set T-posts close to the survey pins so they could be more easily found. The surveyors were impressed. They had never seen a post driven so quickly with so little effort.”

A Look at the Pro Series
Powered by a Honda 4-cycle engine, the Rhino Ranch Pro Gas Powered Driver is powerful and can drive posts in seconds. It is easy to transport, operate and is ideal for driving T-posts. Weighing only 35 pounds when fully fueled, a single person can quickly handle post-driving tasks without being tethered to additional equipment. “This model has been well received. Its light weight, yet solid construction, works really well when cattlemen have to build fences in those remote areas where access might be extremely difficult,” notes Tellier.
Introduced in 2013, the Rhino Fence Pro is nicknamed the “fence contractors’ best friend.” At 38 pounds, it is three pounds heavier, but it is also engineered to deliver more power to drive larger posts. According to Tellier, “It is the perfect tool for post driving tasks across several industries such as erosion control, agricultural, livestock, professional fence contractors, sign installation, rental tent installation, etc.”
Bart Nye of Prime Time Party Rental in Dayton, Ohio, initially purchased four of the Rhino GPD-30 drivers. “Now we have field tested and own eight of the Rhino Multi-Pro drivers. Rhino’s gas drivers are absolutely our guys’ tool of choice. Our crew installs 40 to 50 tents per weekend, and they leave the other driving tools in the shop and go straight for the Rhinos. In addition, we have sold over 20 gas drivers to fellow tent companies, and they love them. On top of that, the service we have received from Jim and his staff at Rhino has been wonderful.”
The newest and most powerful model is the Rhino Multi-Pro. It weighs in at 44 pounds and has been engineered with increased driving dynamics needed to drive larger posts. “The Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ Adapter System allows the operator to install post adapters right on the spot to reduce from 2-3/8" to 1", 1-3/4" or 2" openings. The Multi-Pro also can be configured with optional chucks and anvil for driving a wide range of posts.”

Designed with Quality in Mind
In talking about customer response, Tellier says, “Farmers and ranchers, along with a wide range of contractors, have embraced our Rhino gas powered drivers as valuable tools that are easy to transport and use. We are proud to say that all of our parts and components on the driver side are manufactured in this country with the best materials. Additionally, we are so confident in our parts that we have a lifetime guarantee on the impact components. Rhino Tool Company is also an approved Original Equipment Manufacturer with American Honda Motor Co., Inc.”
As sales have increased, the dealer and distributor network has expanded throughout the United States, Canada and across Europe. “For those interested in finding a dealer in their area, visit our website at www.rhinotool.com, click on Dealer Locator, and enter their zip code for the nearest dealer.”
Much of the success of Rhino Tool Company comes from the relationships built between the company and its customers. “Our goal is to provide our customers with dependable, powerful tools that take the difficulty out of the job and make the entire process more efficient,” notes Tellier.
The story of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pour, vineyard owners in Red Bud, Illinois reinforces that Rhino Tool Company is achieving its goal. Although the Pours had previously put in 600 posts by hand, they had another 1100 to go. At this point, Mike purchased a Rhino GPD-30 driver, contacting Rhino Tools about whether the driver could be used for notched grape stakes rather than the usual T-posts.
“Rhino bent over backwards to help and provided a modified chuck that worked like a dream.” In four weekends, Pour was able to put in all 1100 posts, driving each stake down four feet in 15-20 seconds. “It was slick as a whistle. The only downside to the driver is that now every weekend I have a friend or a neighbor begging to borrow it!”
Positive customer experience and the continued increase of industry acceptance show that Rhino Tool Company is serving the cattle industry with their fencing knowledge, quality products and customer care. What else can be said about Rhino Tool Company than: They are driven to perfection!