REDI Driver: A One-Man Job

Published on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 12:34pm

Do you dread driving fence posts for new fence lines or repairs? You can simplify this task with the complete line of REDI Driver gas-powered post drivers and accessories. You can cut your working time in half and have energy left at the end of the day! The REDI Driver is designed to do all the work for you, with a lot less equipment. No need for power packs, hoses, or tractors. Lorri Evans of REDI Driver tells us that they have developed and are excited to offer exclusive accessories to make the job even easier; with the exclusive Extended Handle kit you can drive taller posts without a stool or ladder. With the exclusive Magnum accessory barrel you can drive larger u channel or angle iron posts up to 4".

The REDI Driver was the first gas powered post driver developed 5 years ago by Christie Engineering of Australia. It is constructed of the finest materials to withstand the harshest environments, while having a long tool life. This is the only gas-powered post driver with all those years of proven reliability on the market, which is why REDI Driver comes with a 3 year warranty and lifetime impact (hammer) warranty. You will always receive exceptional service from our Family at REDI Driver, just ask one of our satisfied customers.

“ I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW I AM A LIFETIME CUSTOMER! The customer service and product at Redi Driver is A+ in my book. I have been able to secure numerous contracts building fences in south Texas due to the Redi Driver. My crews are installing and completing around 4000LF of fencing a day. This product literally has paid for itself in 3 days of work. We have used it for over a year now and I just bought my 2nd unit and hopefully will buy a 3rd one soon! I am proof that Redi driver stands by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.”
— Justin in Texas

REDI Driver offers two models to meet every cattleman’s need:
1. REDI Driver Classic with 2" barrel is perfect for t-posts & other smaller posts. Optional rod sleeve available for grounding rods or rebar. Priced at only $1,599 with free delivery.
2. REDI Driver Boss with 3 1/8" barrel is perfect for all fence posts up to 3" and round wooden posts. Includes a reducer sleeve for the smaller posts as well. Optional Magnum barrel is available for U channel and angle iron posts up to 4". Priced at only $1,969 with free delivery.

REDI Driver boasts a reliable HONDA 4-stroke engine which gives the driver up to 1820 powerful blows per minute. The Classic weighs only 32 pounds, while the Boss weighs in at only 35 pound; making this a very portable and easy-to-use unit. One person can easily operate this machine all day long.

“Our post driver has driven in over 30,000 posts with no worries, from rocks to clay, black flats to red plains; it has kept on going. You start it up and go. It’s a one man job and has done up to 100 posts per hour, saves time and labor. We are 100% satisfied and would recommend people try one”
— Jacko & Melain

Please visit the REDI Driver website at for video, customer testimonials, and specifications. You are also more than welcome to call (702) 293-3222 for more information. REDI Driver is a family-owned and operated business; you will always deal directly with someone who is passionate about each customer, as well as each product! You can truly change the dreaded chore of installing fence posts to a much simpler, almost fun job!