Rawhide Portable Corral to blend the Old with the New

Published on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 9:25am

Rawhide Portable Corral to blend the Old with the New

Article courtesy of Rawhide Portable Corral

John McDonald knows a thing or two about livestock equipment after working with cattle and rodeo livestock most of his life. Knowing there had to be a better portable corral design out there; he came up with it himself.

In 2003 the public was introduced to his original Rawhide Portable Corral. It could be set up by one person without any lifting and it could be done quickly; yet it could also be pulled down the road at highway speeds, ensuring that no time would be wasted while catching cattle.
Fast forward to 2018 and now customers have two different corrals to choose from; the Rawhide Original, throwback to the first design, or the Rawhide Processor.  
Even though the Processor’s design is viewed as the superior portable corral on the market, John believes that there are still those who will want a smaller, more affordable system. Enter the Rawhide Original, which is a blend between the two designs he has offered throughout the years and has a bumper hitch with permanent transport wheels. The Original is only offered in the Standard and Large sizes.

The Processor is offered in three sizes for the convenience of ranchers and cattle producers throughout the world and the main difference with this design is the ability to customize the corral upon ordering by including a hydraulic alley, head gate or loading chute. Whether you simply want to catch your cattle or process them on site and load them into a trailer from the pasture, you are able to do so with the Processor.
The design of the Processor continues to impress cattle producers with its versatility and ease of use. The permanent sheeted adjustable alley aids with working your livestock, whether it is done on site or in the field. The adjustable alley can be sized from thirty (30) inches down to sixteen (16) inches; either manually or hydraulically.  
The most notable features of the Rawhide corrals are that they are easy to set up and they are easy to transport. We mean it when we say that one person can open up the corral without lifting a panel. This will continue to be the model as we move forward with our newer designs.
The key is one person can handle it all by themselves.  Customers can manipulate the panels so it is not just one big pen, but two, three or even four pens for sorting, as one can never have enough pens when it comes to working cattle.  

John’s design was the first portable corral on the market to offer the hydraulic lift option. This has been so popular that we now offer customers the option to buy the Hydraulic Lift Kit with or without the battery so that they may upgrade existing equipment of their own. A lift kit includes the jack, power unit, solar panel and of course the option of including a battery at time of purchase.
John and his wife Mary run the family business at their manufacturing plant in Abilene, Kansas, which is the only place where a Rawhide may be purchased outside of South Texas, where we now have a dealer in Hempstead.
Please check out our website for more information and to view our videos: www.rawhideportablecorral.com or find us on Facebook. Phone # 785-263-3436.