Put The Hammer Down

Published on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 4:10pm

 Put The Hammer Down

 Article and photos provided by ITW New Zealand Limited

 Building and repairing fence is one of those jobs that is as much a part of rural life as driving a tractor.  Whether for keeping livestock in, keeping predators or nuisance animal out, or even trellising fruit crops, attaching wire to posts is a back-breaking and time-consuming job, not to mention the busted thumbs and fingers and sore elbows and wrists.

Building Fence
For Jake Wilson, owner of Wilson Fence in Lexington, VA, time is money.  Being paid by the foot for most fencing jobs, speed and quality are everything.  Jake and his crew build everything from 49-inch cattle fence to 8-foot fencing at a Virginia drive-through safari park to keep giraffes and kudu in.  Not to mention miles and miles of grape trellising for wineries up and down Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.  Wilson Fence is looked to as a leader in fencing due to his adoption of equipment and technology that make his operation fast, safe, and efficient.  Jake will be the first to tell you that the investment in quality, job-specific equipment is well worth the cost.  That’s a big reason why Jake was one of the early adopters of Stockade’s line of powered fencing staplers.  “The speed and safety of the Stockade tool makes it indispensable for me and my crew,” he says.  “I have great guys and pay them well and swinging a hammer for hours when they can finish the job with the Stockade ST400i in minutes is not a good use of their valuable labor.  We have four Stockade staplers and they have each paid for themselves many times over.”

Cordless Revolution
Better, Faster, Safer has been the philosophy at Stockade since its founding by fence pros in New Zealand.  While a hammer will always be a tool of the trade, it’s a rare sight these days to see a house framed or roofed with one.  As powered stapling has begun to be used more in the fencing world, Stockade has become the industry leader for their tool’s speed, safety, consistency, and dependability.  The Stockade ST400i cordless fencing stapler is the first and only 9-gauge cordless stapler on the market.  It’s better…its adjustable drive depth drives its best in class galvanized staples to same depth consistently all day.  It’s faster…contractors say it’s 5-6 times faster than driving staples with a hammer.  It’s safer…no more banged up thumbs and less likelihood of repetitive stress or lost-time injuries.  It’s time to put the hammer down, grab a Stockade ST400i cordless fencing stapler, and start fencing like you mean it!

For more information and to find your nearest Stockade dealer visit www.Stockade.com and put the hammer down with the Stockade ST400i.