Product Review – Creep Feeders

Published on Mon, 05/23/2011 - 10:06am

Green’s Welding

Born and raised on a cattle ranch in Appleton City, Missouri; Chris Green worked with all kinds of equipment.  During high school he saw the need for more efficient cattle equipment and decided welding would be his career choice.  In 1983 he opened Green’s Welding and Sales.  What began as a small repair shop back then has evolved into a business building cattle handling and feeding equipment.  Over the years, Green’s equipment has been modified to better meet cattlemen’s needs.
One of these pieces of equipment is Green’s150-bushel creep feeder, featuring a 14-gauge steel body and 1/4” plastic feed pan with 24” of weather protection.  Green’s ground opening lid opens with the creeps up or down.  A feed agitator is inside the unit to break up any bridging of feed that might occur.  Jack stands are located on the front and back of the feeder, and there’s a pipe mount jack on the tongue for stability.  A Dexter axle and new wheels and tires complete this feeder.  
Green’s Welding & Sales
Rt. 3 Box 203        
Appleton City, MO 64724

3C Feeders

All 3C Creep Feeders feature two-ton capacity, but one person can fill and set them up. Each adjustable unit also comes with easy fold-up gates that lock in position, a removable tongue and a sliding lid. 3C Creep Feeders measure 8’2” wide and 7’3” tall with gates folded up.

As with all 3C Cattle Feeders, this creep feeder is chain-driven with a 6” auger, tough and waterproof cover, frame and feeder with heavy-duty wiring. This feeder also won’t be a pain to haul from place to place since it’s the width of a pickup’s bed and does not extend above the cab unless the feeder weighs over 2,000 pounds. All 3C Feeders also use a patented digital counter that measure within 2 lbs for every 1,000 lbs as well as a 4-inch sight hole for rear visibility and available vibrators for light, fluffy feed. For optimum performance the feeder should be greased every 50 hours.

Check out their PDF ( to view a full table with capacity, size and weight specifications.
3C Cattle Feeders
PO Box 144
Mill Creek, OK 74856

DRT Enterprises

After trying several other creep feeders and watching them destroyed by a mare in minutes, the people at DRT Enterprises decided to make one of their own. Tested by the same mares that destroyed previous creep feeders, the company reports that their Creep Feeder II is still in good shape and in use today after four seasons. This feeder also has proven to be a great choice for cattlemen since it can be used for calves as well with its durability (DRT tests them with a sledgehammer!) and six pounds of feed capacity. DRT also makes the Feed Saver, which as the name implies keeps feed from being pushed out its sides. Both feeders are made entirely in the USA.

The Creep Feeder II is made of high-density plastic and stainless steel hardware, so it’s designed to withstand a protective mother’s abuse. An adjustable sliding top lets the Creep Feeder II be adjusted as the baby grows, and a removable bottom makes for easy cleaning and removal of uneaten feed. The Allen wrench used to hold the bottom in place is also used as the tool for adjusting the top.
DRT Enterprises
11531 N 2300 East Rd.
Fairbury, IL 61739

Ranchers Livestock Equipment

Ranchers Livestock Equipment offers feeder models to fit any situation, from creep feeders in pastures to self-feeders in feedlots.  Their models range from 130-500 bushel capacity, and they include bale feeders, fence line feed bunks, panels, grain and silage troughs, creep and self-feeders and cattle rubs with mineral barrel holders. These units also include a cable winch for raising and lowering creep bars.

These feeders are designed to be easy for the cattle producer to use. You can fill Rancher’s feeders without unhooking and lowering the creep bars, even while the unit is in transport mode. There’s also a ground level lid opening so there’s not need to climb ladders (also great for safety). 250 bushel holds 5 tons of feed – you can save time with less trips to fill your creep feeder, and the 10’ feed tray allows more calves to eat at one time. Heavy-duty axles, rounded corners and strong and durable sub-frame and creep bars means these feeders are designed to be durable as well.
Ranchers Livestock Equipment
100 Airport Road
Gregory, SD 57533

Bazooka Farmstar

Bazooka Farmstar makes 12 different models of cattle creep feeders. Cow calf pairs, back grounding calves or feeding cattle all the way to market, Bazooka Farmstar has a feeder for your operation. The 80-bushel and larger feeders on wheels feature 12-gauge steel throughout the bottom and trough, while the sides and lids are 14-gauge. The steel is pre-washed, removing any metal burs or filings. Bazooka’s feeders are also painted inside and out with high quality non-toxic paint which extends the life of our feeder.

Bazooka Farmstar feeders come with easy pop-up lid, built-in rain protection and stabilizer stands as well as new spindles, hubs, rims and tow-ready tongue with a jack for easy transportation. Bazooka also offers 20-bushel feeders for the producer who wants to fill with bagged feed and a 150-bushel feeder for a producer who wants to easily grind and mix a batch of feed on the farm. As additional option would be the 300-bushel feeder that holds 12,000 lbs and can easily be filled by the local feed truck. Based in Washington, Iowa, Bazooka Farmstar distributes feeders through a nationwide dealer network.
Bazooka Farmstar, Inc.
800 E. 7th Street
Washington, IA 52353