Partners in Progress Compass Minerals continues to assist producers with its extensive line of American Stockman® salt and mineral products.

Published on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 1:19pm

Partners in Progress Compass Minerals Continues to Assist Producers with its Extensive Line of American Stockman® Salt and Mineral Products.

 By Maura Keller.

 Look around most retail and distribution outlets for feed mixes and specialty salts and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find American Stockman products gracing the shelves of these facilities. And here’s why: The American Stockman brand of salt and mineral products has been in the marketplace for many years, building a reputation for being an exceptionally reliable product produced by a company that delivers on what they promise.

According to Todd Kipper, senior director of sales at Compass Minerals in Overland Park, Kansas, this level of product reliability has resulted in American Stockman being a known commodity in the agricultural industry.

“On the most basic level, we provide the key nutrition needs that producers are seeking for their animals,” Kipper says.

Compass Minerals, the manufacturer of American Stockman products, has a long-established history of providing innovative animal nutrition salt products that have proven to be an invaluable component of ranches and farms across the globe. Quite simply, the company is at the forefront of understanding the role sodium chloride plays in better milk production, weight gain and overall livestock health.

“When you look at feeding a mineralized salt, there are a few key nutritional things that producers need to be aware of,” says David Gisleson, national sales manager at Compass Minerals. “This would include performance attributes including weight gain as well as feed efficiency, which includes how well animals convert feed to lean muscle gain and overall herd performance and health.”

The team at Compass Minerals also understands how the most common micronutrients for herd health — including zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, iodine and iron — all have their specific function in the health and performance of livestock. By pairing these essential trace minerals with sodium chloride, animals receive the nutrition boost they need for optimum performance and health. Compass Minerals works closely with producers, ranchers, nutritionists and veterinarians to identify what products will result in exceptional animal health and nutrition.  

“In this industry, what we find is most producers and ranchers really know what they’re looking for in a mineralized salt,” Gisleson says. “We are able to provide that solution to them.”

One of the key products that American Stockman offers to producers is a pure white salt with no added minerals. This is the most common choice of ranchers who are looking for a product with no additives. Another popular product within the American Stockman product line is the Big 6® mineral salt.

“Our Big 6 product offers the same base of granulated salt, but we add six key micro-minerals into the mix that are required for optimal animal health,” Gisleson says. These trace minerals include zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, iodine and iron. This product is first choice of many producers for weight gain, feeding efficiencies and overall herd performance for all classes of beef and dairy cattle, pigs and horses.

American Stockman also offers a variety of niche market salt products that meet specific needs a producer is looking for. For example, American Stockman’s Cobalt Iodized Stock Salt is fortified with a cobalt additive, which helps with vitamin B12 synthesis, an essential component for appetite stimulation and normal protein, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism. Cobalt can also help prevent deficiencies that can lead to low conception rates, birth rates and weak calves in beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.

“We also have products that have added selenium,” Gisleson says. “This can help improve immune system functions.” Indeed, American Stockman’s Se-90 Trace Mineralized Salt with Selenium boosts selenium levels and adds copper, too. Selenium is an antioxidant, which protects against disease by promoting healthy immune systems and regulating an animal’s ability to handle stress.

Other specialty salts offered by American Stockman include Sulfur Salt, which is ideal for producers looking to enhance the development of cartilage, protein, bones and tendons in all classes of beef and dairy cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. This specialty salt also helps with hair and wool production and assists in regulating fiber digestion and weight gain.

In addition to offering a wealth of salt product options, American Stockman also provides its products in various forms. As Kipper explains, the form that the salt takes is also a key area of focus of American Stockman. “In order to meet the specific needs of producers and ranchers, we offer our salts in 50-pound bags as well as 50-pound salt blocks,” Kipper says. In the U.S, for example, American Stockman’s Trace Mineralized brick is a popular choice, as it provides the six core micro-minerals in an efficient feeding system.

So what are some key innovations and trends within the mineral salt marketplace that producers should be aware of?

“Cobalt continues to be one of strongest, most popular products. And although we’ve offered our cobalt product for years, the interest continues to grow,” Gisleson says. “Garlic-added loose salt or blocks also seem to be a trend among today’s producers. We have a talented innovation team within our company and we continue to look at ways in the agricultural market where we can add value to the salt products to provide a more refined product for producers to use.”

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