Our Latest American Cattlemen Podcast

Published on Wed, 09/13/2023 - 12:22pm

Our Latest American Cattlemen Podcast

Check out our latestest American Cattlemen Podcast! In this issue of the American Cattlemen Podcast we’ll highlight a couple of great stories in this edition of the American Cattlemen Magazine and then dive into our conversation with Mark McCully from the American Angus Association based in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The podcast will switch gears and head south to learn more about the famous King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas and then the podcast will close the gate with our good friend Celeste Sentrini who, with her brother works a ranch in California…along with a host of other jobs that helps ranchers throughout the West.

In this podcast Heather Smith Thomas has a great piece with tips for storing hay for the winter months…in another nutrition article Jacklyn Kromouski writes about keeping your cattle’s body conditioning scores high enough to withstand the cold and we’ve got tips on how to get a better price for them calves.  You’ll find these and more in this edition of the American Cattlemen…and you can catch it online at www.americancattlemen.com

Later on in the podcast you will learn about a conversation about the American Angus Association and the amazing work they have done in marketing that breed.  Our guest is the CEO of the Saint Joe based association Mark McCully.

In the American Cattlemen Podcast you will hear the voice of Mark McCully from the American Angus Association. The podcast will head to Kingsville, Texas with the historic King Ranch…and all of the things they do…from The American Red to pasture grass to a string of storied horses…even brick and mortar stores.

Next on the podcast we’re gonna close the gate on this edition…with our pal from California…Rancher and Marketer Celeste Stratinni.

She is a busy woman, who clearly loves her jobs. Click below to download and listen to our latest episode of the American Cattlemen Podcast!