No more mechanical float switches or timers needed!

Published on Wed, 08/18/2010 - 9:30am

“Goodbye” to old forms of storage tank level control, “Hello” to a better way!
Advanced Power Inc’s electronic tank level controller! Meet the AC-ALC. (Advanced Level Control) One of the best forms of water storage tank level control on the market! Simply wire in your AC power supply into the unit. Wire your AC pump into it as well. Run the grey wire to your tank, attach to edge and place the ends at the level you wish to maintain. When water comes against the ends it shuts the power to the pump off, and when water falls away it restores the power and turns the pump on. In most instances it works well in freezing weather when a float can be a problem to use.
• Helps eliminate mess around tank from overflow while maintaining tank level.
• Conserves electricity as only runs pump when needed to fill tank.
• Eliminates guess work involved with setting timers.
• Pays for itself in time with electrical cost savings and lack of hassle in freezing weather.
• Break ice less!
Ends must be in or out of the water for a full 8 seconds-delay built in so waves don’t surge the pump. 110-240 volt operating range on single phase AC power. Up to 3hp pumps.
Advanced Power Inc.
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See video of this GREAT product in action on the website! As well as install video.