A New Year, A New Way To Shop

Published on Tue, 12/06/2016 - 9:06am

By Courtney Dyer

  With the New Year comes a number of New Year’s resolutions, and for many in the ranching world, those resolutions may include improvements to their livestock handling equipment.  The folks at Priefert stand ready to help make these resolutions a reality, while also improving livestock flow and increasing safety for both animal and operator.  Their new program, Priefert Direct, allows individuals to work directly with the experts at Priefert to design a cattle handling system, stall barn, or other ranch improvement that is specifically tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs. This product is then delivered directly to the customer’s local Priefert Dealer, making it easier than ever to create solutions to challenges faced by today’s rancher.  

Priefert has an extensive resume of experience when it comes to assisting organizations, facilities, and fairgrounds with the design and purchase of equipment required to meet a variety of needs.  Not only can they help customers achieve the best functional animal flow within a system, while also ensuring that the cattle system works with any existing structures, gates, or trees for shade that a customer might have on their property, but the customer service experts at Priefert can also make sure that stalls fit into an existing barn or that a new barn is built to fit the stalls going inside.  The customer service aspect of providing design assistance and guidance on layout and livestock flow isn’t new for Priefert, as their staff has helped design everything from the arena that fits into the Thomas & Mack Center for the National Finals Rodeo to the super stall barn at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds to dozens of other arenas, barns, and cattle systems all across the country.  Priefert Direct representatives will even work with customers to create custom CAD drawings.  These drawings ensure that everything fits properly into a customer’s space before he or she ever makes their purchase.  These diagrams then go on to serve as a guide for the customer when he or she begins setting up the product.  

Beyond access to the experts, convenience is another huge benefit of the Priefert Direct Program.  Customers can begin their research and shopping process from the comfort of their home at any time, day or night, on their computer, smart phone, or tablet.  Customers can visit the Priefert website to view the full line of product offerings.  While on the site, customers can add items to their Wish List, much like customers are accustomed to adding items to an online shopping cart.  From their Wish List, customers can click the “Request a Quote” button to initiate the Priefert Direct process.  Customers that would prefer additional information or assistance before creating a Wish List, can either send an email requesting assistance via the “Contact Us” tab on Priefert.com or they can call and speak directly to a Priefert sales representative to begin the order process.  

Whether the preparation of an order takes 15 minutes or months of planning and assistance, the Priefert Direct representatives will be there to guide the customer through every step of the process.  This new way to shop not only gives customers full access to the expert guidance and consulting experience that the Priefert staff has to offer, but it truly makes every product that Priefert manufactures available through the extensive dealer network.  

For more information about Priefert, their product offering, or the Priefert Direct program, visit www.Priefert.com or call 1-844-572-1741 to speak to a friendly customer service representative.