New research confirms AccuMast® is the most accurate on-farm mastitis diagnostic kit

Published on Thu, 04/11/2019 - 1:43pm

 New research confirms AccuMast® is the most accurate on-farm mastitis diagnostic kit

 Article by Tina McDonald - TVM Marketing

 A University of Illinois research study by Ferreira et al. (2018)* evaluated four commercial on-farm culture methods used to identify clinical mastitis-associated pathogens. Results showed AccuMast® had the highest overall accuracy, plus AccuMast was the only on-farm system capable of detecting Staphylococcus aureus. Other culture plates involved in the study included Minnesota Easy System Tri-Plate, Mastitis SSGN Quad Plate and Mastitis SSGNC Quad Plate. The results were presented at the American Dairy Science Association’s 2017 annual meeting.
AccuMast, from FERA Animal Health, utilizes color to identify multiple mastitis pathogens. It diagnoses all of the treatable mastitis pathogens in only 16 hours, making selective therapy possible, significantly reducing the overall cost of mastitis and improving cure rates, cow health and profitability.
    “While mastitis diagnosis is critical for targeted therapy, this study was the first to compare these on-farm culture systems for accuracy in identifying specific pathogens,” says Rodrigo Bicalho, chief executive officer of FERA Animal Health. “AccuMast had the highest
sensitivity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and overall accuracy. Plus it was the only test with almost perfect agreement as measured by Cohen-K value.”

The study used 299 milk samples from two commercial dairy herds. The four on-farm systems, along with two reference laboratories, cultured the samples. See Table 1 for the results.

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*Evaluation of four on-farm culture plates to identify pathogens associated with mastitis in dairy cows.
J. C. Ferreira, M. S. Gomes, E. C. R. Bonsaglia, I. F. Canisso, E. F. Garrett, J. S. Stewart, Z. Zhou, F. S. Lima