New Generation of Nutrition, Backed with the American Tradition

Published on Thu, 01/06/2022 - 10:44am

New Generation of Nutrition, Backed with the American Tradition.

 Article courtesy of Vitalix.

 Vitalix’s new generation of nutrition has been kicked off with the release of their new Plus and Elite lines, powered with Diamond V and Zinpro!

Vitalix is proud to be an American owned and made company using only the highest quality ingredients, including Zinpro Performance Minerals such as CoPRO ’s and Diamond V XPC Ultra in all tubs. The BLUE tubs are formulated to increase immune health, overall wellness, and animal performance. Vitalix provides Zinpro’s COPRO® in all tubs to boost fiber digestion as well as vitamin B12 synthesis. Availa® Zinc is also added and is essential for immune function, cell and tissue integrity as well as muscle growth and reproduction. Diamond V® XPC Ultra is a natural health concentrated feed additive, added to support rumen and digestive health and immunity.

Along with superior palatability, their proprietary cooking process provides consistency and consumption regulation lick after lick. Vitalix uses fortified sugar beet molasses to ensure palatability and added performance. By providing an attractive, consistent source of essential nutrients, Vitalix is able to ensure cattle receive essential supplemental nutrition while not wasting excess nutrients that ultimately end up as wasted dollars. Vitalix is proud to carry a tub for every production setting including, calving, breeding, mineral, fly season, weaning, shipping and receiving.

New in 2021, Vitalix launched 2 new lines of high-caliber tubs: Vitalix PLUS and Vitalix ELITE. Both lines are designed to ramp up nutrition and include superior ingredients to boost animal performance. Vitalix PLUS and ELITE tubs are formulated with Zinpro Performance Minerals as well as Diamond V.

The PLUS line is an enhanced formulation built on the foundation of the BLUE tub. Tubs formulated for added performance at a cost-effective price and include superior include Availa® Zinc, Availa® Manganese, Availa®Copper as well as Diamond V’s DIamune SE. Mineral nutrition is essential in all functions of the body including: immunity, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, reproduction, fiber digestion and energy metabolism. We are proud to offer Zinpro Performance minerals in all Vitalix PLUS tubs. By providing Zinpro Performance Minerals in all Vitalix PLUS tubs, we can ensure those animals are receiving the most bioavailable trace minerals on the market. DiaMune® Se is a Diamond V® feed additive that includes organic Selenium infused yeast cream and Diamond V’s® own, XPC. Along with Vitalix’s Vitamin pack, Selenium boosts the immune system and has important antioxidant properties that aids in damaged tissue repair. PLUS tubs also contain beneficial metabolites, Beta-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)!

The Vitalix ELITE is the superior formulation, containing nothing but the top of the line ingredients. Vitalix ELITE is formulated with full rates of Zinpro’s Availa®4 and Diamond V’s® next generation immune health feed additive, NaturSafe®. Including NaturSafe will support optimal rumen and digestive health, overall health and immune function, antibiotic stewardship, consistency of intake, as well as improved ADG and efficiency. Availa®4 is a complete package of essential trace minerals, Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt. By providing Availa®4, we can again, ensure that animals are receiving the most bioavailable trace mineral package on the market.

Vitalix has been proud to be a part of farmer and rancher nutritional decisions for the past 32 years. As an American owned company, Vitalix is built on a foundation of trust and partnerships. Everyday cattle producers are faced with nutritional decisions that affect the profitability of their operation. Through revolutionary cooking methods, advanced technologies and proprietary nutritional packages, Vitalix delivers the best value for your feed dollar. By adding the PLUS and ELITE tubs to the lineup, Vitalix is proud to provide another producer the quality found in a BLUE tub.

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