Moly Manufacturing’s Newest Corral

Published on Thu, 11/09/2023 - 3:02pm

Moly Manufacturing’s Newest Corral.

 By Maura Keller.

 It was almost 40 years ago that Jon Mollhagen, president at Moly Manufacturing, first introduced his Trans-Corral, a fully hydraulic and portable corral, that catapulted his company to become the preeminent company that designs, fabricates, and markets hydraulically operated livestock handling equipment world-wide. Today, Moly Manufacturing is celebrating its newest innovation, with its new All-Purpose Corral, which focuses on the comfort of the livestock and the equipment operator, ultimately resulting in additional safety, efficiency, and calmer handling of livestock.

At the core of its All-Purpose Corral, Moly has introduced an updated, innovative design that far surpasses the elements found within the traditional portable corral. Featuring additional stabilizer bars, galvanized steel wheels (skeels) hinged directly to the fence surface, adjustable headgates for different sized animals, and lightweight design, producers can assemble and operate the All- Purpose Corral easily.

Celebrated as the newest industry standard in portable corrals, the newest addition to the Moly product lineup is one that will enhance all facets of today’s farming operations. Moly Manufacturing builds all equipment to-order, all based on the producer’s needs – evaluating the type of operation, number of animals in the corral, whether it needs to be portable or permanent and the overall needs of the rancher.

Of course, proper use of any corral – whether permanent or portable, is paramount for the success of ranching operations and the safety of the animals. According to Mollhagen, if a rancher is catching and loading a group of animals to be moved, they should consider taking one or multiple All-Purpose Corrals, depending on how many animals are being caught.

“Our All-Purpose Corrals, which are the quickest, easiest way to gather herds, can be moved with a bale bed, optional carrier or even a tractor,” Mollhagen says. Producers can also create one or two separate pens using the All-Purpose Corral or it can be used as a calving pen or rescue pen, thanks in part to the built-in stanchion headgate.

As a rancher himself, Mollhagen understands the nuances involved with gathering, herding and corralling cattle. Because of the challenges involved in these tasks, the All-Purpose Corrals boast 10-foot panels, which creates more curves enhancing natural grouping. These panels also works on various types of terrain and can be adjusted for use on sloped ground. The galvanized skeels on each panel also flip up, allowing ranchers to drop the corral to the ground surface, eliminating flat tires and can be slid sideways on all types of terrain. And best of all, the All-Purpose Corral can be used inside of buildings or existing pens.

“Our All-Purpose Corral panels also have more bars per vertical foot. The psychology of the cattle when they can’t get their head through the bars keeps them from trying to take off,” Mollhagen says. “This will lower the stress on the animal and creates a safer pen for small calves and works for all types of animals like goats, pigs and sheep.”

One key facet of the All-Purpose Corral is that it works well with other Moly Manufacturing products. Mollhagen recommends that if a rancher is processing cattle, consider taking the All-Purpose Corral, along with the company’s portable Turretgate, portable Alley, and the portable SILENCER chute, all of which worked seamlessly together for proper handling.

The All-Purpose Corral is easy to transport, set-up and use for herds of all sizes and is available up to 3200-sq-ft of heavy-duty paneling. It also is imperative that handlers and ranchers understand the nuances of the animals themselves in order to help streamline the herding and containment process. Luckily, the All-Purpose Corral works in conjunction with animal’s behavioral tendencies “Cattle have to turn to see behind them. They also group in circles as a defensive behavior. With our All-Purpose Cattle corral’s moving walls, the equipment continuously adjusts to configure to the cattle’s grouping,” says Mollhagen, who also recommends ranchers set up the All-Purpose Corral and the wings with both ends open like a large funnel then moving walls into a circular shape.

Safety is also a core attribute of Moly’s All-Purpose Corral, which is equipped with brace stabilizers to keep the fence from moving. To further support the structure and prevent wheel slippage and flat tires, the fence panels rest on galvanized steel wheels, which are hinged to lower the corral fence to the surface.

“The fastest, easiest method to catch cattle is by rewarding them to come to you. Pull cattle to you and reward their positive behavior with alfalfa, cubes, corn, etc,” Mollhagen says. “Moving walls on the All-Purpose Corral gives you control of the size of the corral. When the corral size is too big, cattle have room to run and jump and it takes more labor to handle the animals. Moving walls gives you the opportunity to keep humans outside of the corral/pen.” The All-Purpose Corral has kickstands and galvanized steel skeels so the corral/pen size can continuously be adjusted. Moving walls also give you the option to make a gate in your corral that can be setup or moved as needed.

Other key tips Mollhagen recommends ranchers utilize is to reward cattle that come to you.

Training cattle to come to you saves time and labor.

“Also look over your topography. Stay away from trees, brush and mud puddles,” Mollhagen says. “Cattle will hide behind or in between trees and brush, which is harder to get them gathered. Try to find level ground, with a slight downhill slope towards the pen. Cattle flow like water.”

The AP Corral is perfect for any farming operation, portable or permanent. With easy setup and moving wall processes, Moly Manufacturing guarantees that this product will meet any challenge head-on. To learn more visit