Managing Hay Production

Published on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 1:31pm

Extensive research and European Technology combine for cutting-edge TMR mixer innovations

By Maura Keller   Sponsored by the Anderson Group

 Since 1988, the Anderson Group has been designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment to facilitate hay storage. With nearly 30 years of experience, Anderson Group’s team has embraced innovative designs, which have resulted in top-of-the-line equipment that helps farmers and ranchers across the globe to achieve maximum performance in hay harvesting and storage.

As part of the company’s ongoing vision to provide leading-edge equipment, the Anderson Group is launching their newest line of products — a series of TMR Mixers that will enhance the way farmers manage their hay production.

For years, the Anderson Group has been a leader in providing the agricultural industry with exceptional bale processors, wrappers, trailers and accessories to streamline the baling process.

According to Nancy Perreault, sales and marketing coordinator at the Anderson Group, the company has decided to explain its reach by offering some of the most innovative mixers available.

“We now will be offering a full range of mixers — from single auger up to triple auger,” Perreault says. “Through a lot of our research and development have realized that there is a lack of good quality mixers on that market can offer efficient and effective processing. And while our main business has been wrapping, we realize that there are a lot of mixers on the market that are not sufficient. And we want to offer farmers a better product.”

 New line of mixers use new Euro tech

From fall 2016 to early 2017, the Anderson Group will be introducing eight models of their Smart-mix TMR mixers. These include single and twin auger stationary mixers, single, twin and triple auger pull-style mixers, and twin auger self-propelled mixers.

The TMR mixers are the result of an extensive R&D process, during which the Anderson Group purchased innovative European technology that will make their TMR mixer line far surpass other mixers on the market. It is this technology that has helped the Anderson TMR mixer stand out from the crowd. Here’s why:

First of all, the TMR mixer offers the industry’s first remote hydraulic restrictor blade. This technology reduces mixing time by chopping down fiber more quickly with the advanced restrictor blade. In fact, the unusually tall and deep restrictor blade makes a huge impact on the effectiveness of the mixer.

The remote hydraulic restrictor blade also allows farmers to engage or disengage the blade without moving off of your tractor. When working solo in the field, this is very convenient.

And as farmers know, maintaining better fiber length and preserving the structural integrity of added ingredients, results in higher cow output. In fact, there is better assimilation from the cow — resulting in an increase of milk production with an average daily gain up from five percent.

The new line of TMR mixers also provide better preservation of the structural integrity of ingredients that don’t need to be processed, but simply gently mixed in.

 Wireless control

An additional innovation found within the TMR mixers line is the wireless smart control feature. During the loading phase, the operator can use the Anderson Smart Control on the loader to control, in real time, weight information, as well as the recipe, mix components, and actual weight of the mix. And the operator can wirelessly control all hydraulic functions during the distribution phase of the process.

 Speed and consistency

Most farmers and ranchers seek fast bale processing. The new TMR mixers boast a Tri-cut Edge Auger with double sweeper, which offers optimal horizontal and vertical feed mixing in any ration of baleage, haylage, or corn silage. The Anderson Tri-cut Edge Auger as been designed to get a fluffy ration, therefore rendering a more palatable feed, which results in better assimilation from your cows.

 Here’s how it works:

The triangle position of the blade around the auger provides flat edges to the auger, allowing for the baleage to be quickly processed and for the flow of material around the auger to be sped up. On the twin and triple augers, the Tri-cut Edge Auger design is positioned in a specific manner to optimize material flow from the front to the back of the mixer, insuring an optimal homogeneity.

In addition, the up and down mixing effect on the TMR mixers offer efficiency and speed. While being efficient on braking down the bale, the spiral shape of the auger allows the best upward movement of the feed through the middle. Combine this with the downward movement of the feed along the rolled tub, and you’ve created the best mix.

Not only that, but you also have fast feedout and consistent unloading every time.

All Anderson TMR mixers are designed for long-lasting durability under the toughest of conditions. Made out of highly abrasion resistant steel plate, the tub floor of each mixer is specifically made out of QT400 and the sidewalls are made out of AR200, which naturally reinforces the solidity of the tub. The rolled tub sidewalls further provide better flow of the material by avoiding restrictions around the auger, resulting in a better mixed homogeneity.

“With our new TMR mixers, we are providing more than just a product,” Perreault says. “We also provide a tremendous amount of training and education to farmers about hay, including how to mix it well to get the maximum amount from the feed. It’s not just about mixing feed, rather, the technology we have is going to help us extend our service to making sure the entire baling process from cutting to harvesting to wrapping to mixing, is streamlined and efficient for our customers.”