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Published on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 10:09am

The Beginning. The late Bob Magness, who founded Magness Land and Cattle, traded some of his commercial cows back in the 50’s for the stake he needed to begin TCI, which would ultimately become one of the largest cable television companies in the world.

Through the years and various business involvements, though, Bob always had some commercial cattle stashed around. And, he always reminded sons, Gary and Kim, that cattle were the bedrock of the family’s business success.

Fast forward, the Magness family was impressed enough with those first commercial heifers to purchase some Limousin bulls for their Colorado operations, as well as for the storied Silver Spur Ranch in Wyoming, which Magness owned for many years.

Long story, short, they liked the way those bulls crossed on the Angus and Hereford cows they used them on; so much so they started replacing more of their bull battery with Limousin bulls. Needing upwards of 120 commercial bulls, though, they ultimately decided they would be money ahead to start their own purebred operation in order to raise the bulls they needed.

With that in mind, Magness Land and Cattle purchased half of the renowned McKown Limousin herd at Norman, Oklahoma in 1985, then the other half in 1987. At the time, the McKown herd was one of the leading fullblood Limousin programs in the United States.

So, Magness Land and Cattle built upon that original base and began crafting genetics for their commercial use. However, the Magness crew also understood that purebred breeders were seeking these same genetics. That was the beginning of the parallel Magness production and marketing program, which serves both commercial and purebred cattle producers today with the same leading genetics.


Our Next Step

This basic approach enables us to market approximately 300 commercial bulls each year, in addition to our purebred sales.  As the new millennium approached and the industry was becoming more vertically integrated, we recognized the necessity of providing more than just genetics to our commercial customers. We believed commercial producers needed additional information, including feeding and carcass history more marketing options and more management help in terms of health and nutrition. And, in the name of economic survival we believed commercial producers needed these things in the same affordable package we had already been delivering.


Every Situation is Unique

Certainly, everything you’ve read up to this point is an extremely simple view of what we are and what we do. In reality, we visit with each customer about what they want to accomplish: what it is specifically they would like our genetics to help them accomplish; and how the management and marketing resources we offer with our genetics can also help them achieve their goals. We consider these customer goals relative to where they are today. Then we craft our recommendations for genetics, management and marketing based upon the cows they currently have.

Bottom line, while we are in the cattle business, we understand more than anything that the cattle business is about people and how you treat them. In our case, we’ve always believed that our customers are partners in our seedstock business. Rather than tell someone what they need to do, we prefer to listen to our customers explain to us what it is they need to do, what they need from us, then offer options on how our various genetics and services can help them.


MAGS Junior Program

Juniors are also a big part of our program, they are the future in more ways than one and we want to help them. We started the MAGS Junior Show in 2011 and hold it in conjunction with the Oklahoma Junior Limousin Field Day in Miami, OK. Any heifer that is sired by or out of a MAGS animal or carries the MAGS prefix is eligible to show. Every exhibitor will receive premium money, regardless of placing. This year’s show will be held June 16th, 2013 and we are looking forward to a great turn out.


A Little More

Magness Land & Cattle has two locations, our main headquarters is in Platteville, CO just north East of Denver and our Southern Division is in Miami, OK in the north eastern corner. We do our spring calving in Colorado and our fall calving is in Oklahoma.

The beef cattle industry in the United States is enjoying the highest prices any of us have ever seen, and all signs point to a continuation of this market strength. At the same time, the demand for outcross genetics within commercial herds continues to grow. Lim-Flex genetics offer the advantages of heterosis and trait complementary and are thus sought after by cattlemen who understand the advantages the breed has to offer.

Magness Land & Cattle has made a significant commitment to the Limousin breed for more than 25 years and continues to strive to produce the best Limousin and Lim-Flex genetics in the industry. The ownership and staff of Magness Land & Cattle remain committed to the ranching industry and the production of seedstock that will enhance the bottom line of our customers, whether they be cow-calf operations, fellow seedstock producers or young people showing cattle in junior shows across America.


Multi-Media Access 

In person or Online, Magness is here when you need us. This year we will have a Spring Bull sale March 24th, 2013 at are southern division ranch in Miami, Ok and will have a Fall female sale also this year, all upcoming information can be found at  Our website has all our sale information along with upcoming events & shows we will be attending. We also feature past champions, Herd Sires and more. In addition to being able to view information on your computer, you can also see all cattle information on your cell phone or mobile device.  We use the system by Ag Town Technologies as it provides a great way for our customers to be able to see all the data on the cattle we have for sale just by looking at the individual information on their mobile device.

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