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Published on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 3:13pm

Keith Bolsen Silage Safety Foundation Receives Grant from DuPont Pioneer
Article provided by DuPont Pioneer

The Keith Bolsen Silage Safety Foundation is pleased to announce DuPont Pioneer donated $5,000 toward the production of educational materials for the purpose of preventing serious injuries and fatalities in silage programs.  This Gold Star donation is part of the DuPont Pioneer sponsorship program.
“Silage related tragedies have no age boundary.  Family members, employees, and bystanders of all ages have been injured or killed during harvest and feed-out.  We have nothing to lose by practicing safety; but we have everything to lose by not practicing it,” Bolsen said.
The KEITH BOLSEN SILAGE SAFETY FOUNDATION is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting safe silage management practices for bunker silos and silage piles, as well as providing educational resources and materials for the global silage industry.  The goal of the foundation is for everyone involved in a silage program on farms, dairies, feedlots and other livestock operations to return home to his or her family safe every day.

Pioneer makes contributions to community-based organizations on behalf of the business and employees. Consideration for outreach grants is given to communities where Pioneer sales representatives, DuPont Pioneer employees and customers live and work and that support quality-of-life initiatives to create an improved, sustainable lifestyle for people worldwide. 

Article provided by KUHN

KUHN was recently awarded an AE50 award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).
The AE50 award was presented to KUHN for its MM 1100 Merge Maxx® hay merger, deeming it one of the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products for the food and agriculture industries. The MM 1100 will be featured in the January/February 2018 special issue of ASABE’s magazine, Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World.

With 36’ of pickup in a single pass, the KUHN MM 1100 hay merger is unique in the industry and unmatched in its simplicity of operation, durability and merging capabilities. Unique features like the merger’s hydraulic drive system, large-capacity oil reservoir, floating windguard, crop netting and ISOBUS compatibility provide maximum efficiency for the operator in and out of the cab.
“The AE 50 award is a great achievement and reminder to continue to design, engineer, and produce high-quality products,” said Brandon Pfeuti, Kuhn North America Product Specialist, “Customers and operators can become more efficient and productive in their operations, as well as profit from a quick return on their investment with KUHN equipment.”
Companies from around the world submit entries to the annual AE50 competition and up to 50 of the best products are chosen by a panel of international engineering experts. The judges select innovative products that will best advance engineering for the food and agriculture industries.

A1 Mist Sprayers Start Year at 2018 Dakota Farm Show
Article provided by A1 Mist Sprayers

From January 3rd through the 5th, A1 Mist Sprayers will be exhibiting at the Dakota Farm Show in Vermillion, South Dakota.  The event will be held at the USD Dakotadome. For 35 years, the Dakota Farm Show has been one of the largest trade shows in the Midwest Region of the United States. This expo attracts more than 280 exhibitors and over 25,000 agricultural producers.
In booth #30, A1 will be showcasing a variety of mist sprayers that are engine and PTO driven. These sprayers can spray between 30 to 100 feet vertically and 75 to 160 feet horizontally. Far more coverage than a standard broadcast or spot sprayer. Each unit also includes a 210 degree left to right rotation fan that can be adjusted manually or electronically, depending on the unit. Using an A1 mist sprayer not only provides flexibility, but it also cuts down on chemical and water usage. Saving time and money.
A1 Mist Sprayers can be used for a variety of applications such as spraying fruits and vegetables, vineyards, livestock, pastures, fences and road ditches, and other insect/weed spraying applications.

About A1 Mist Sprayers
A1 Mist Sprayers is a Valley Industries brand based in Ponca, Nebraska.  For over 40 years, A1 has been a staple of the mist spraying industry. Each sprayer is engineered with a heavy focus on durability, performance, safety, and standard features that elevate A1 above the competition. Each sprayer comes fully assembled, and includes basic safety and technical information to tackle any application. With continuous innovation, ingenuity, and integrity; A1 Mist Sprayers will continue to be the number one choice for mist spraying.

For more information on A1 Mist Sprayers, visit: or call 877-924-2474. 

Valley Industries Acquires Comet USA
Article provided by Valley Industries

Recently, Valley Industries has completed the acquisition of Comet USA, a Minnesota-based company located in Burnsville that distributes a wide range of industrial high pressure plunger pumps and accessories.  For over 20 years Comet USA has provided products and services to industries such as sewer jetting, hydro excavation, hydro demolition, high pressure cleaning, water jet cutting, and other industrial applications in the North American Market. The purchase will diversify Valley Industries already robust product lineup and will complement their current Comet Diaphragm Pump Division.
 “In the last 6 years Valley and Comet USA shared the same infrastructure and management. This acquisition will maintain that, but will allow us to further align our core business functions”, said Jeff Savage, Valley Industries’ General Manager.

Under Valley Industries, Comet USA will now be known as Comet Industrial Pump Division. This is the second acquisition for Valley Industries in the last year.  In early 2017, Valley Industries purchased A1 Mist Sprayers, a company based in Nebraska that specializes in mist sprayers for a wide range of agricultural industries.

Based in Paynesville MN, Valley Industries is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of fluid handling components for agriculture, pest control, lawn care and many industrial applications.  For more information on Valley Industries and its brands, please visit or call 800-864-1649.  For more information on Comet Pump Industrial Division please visit or call 952-707-1894.