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Published on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 8:54am

TravAlong’s new Silent Sire, Portable A.I. Barn
By Kelsie Gleason

  TravAlong of Waterville, KS, would like to introduce our new Silent Sire, Portable A.I. Barn. This barn, designed for the safety of the operator and animal, focuses on comfort and function with high quality standard features. The all-steel constructed, 2 stall barn, is 18 foot in length and has a stall height of 91 inches. All gates are caulked to reduce noise. The barn sits on a Rock Shaft axle with a 7,000 pound spindle. This allows for smoother and safer movement when raising and lowering the barn. The Silent Sire includes a 12 volt hydraulic system with a solar charger. The stalls are separated by a curtain and each stall has a fully adjustable drop down bar in the rear. Included in the technician’s area is a 12 or 110 volt office light and plug, holders for gloves, paper towels, and waste bags, as well as semen warmer platforms. The travaluscent roof allows more lighting for the technician. The Silent Sire is equipped with view windows in the rear, which allow the technician to see the i.d. of each animal. If you want less stress during breeding and better results during calving, you need a Silent Sire.

Find out more at or call (785) 363 2552.​

Fence BulletTM providing ranchers an alternative to welded pipe fence braces

  Bullet Fence Systems, Okmulgee Oklahoma has introduced Fence Bullet™, a pipe connector providing ranchers an alternative to welded pipe fence braces.  The patent pending, Fence Bullet™ clamps to a pipe post, the sleeve portion of the connection fits over a 2 3/8 inch OD pipe resulting in a connection for a compression fence brace or rail fence.
Some of the advantages of Fence Bullet™ over welding are:
• Saves time.  Do it yourself in about 5 minutes using only end wrenches.
• Save money. Hired a welder or bought a prebuilt brace lately?
• No special equipment needed.
• No special skills needed.
• No fire worries.
• No delays caused by burn bans, weather or contractor issues.
• Portable, use in the most remote areas not accessible to a welder.
• Reusable.

  The Fence Bullet™ kit is hot dipped galvanized for years of service and offered in various post sizes starting at 2 3/8 inch OD to 4 ½ and in three versions (straight, angle, and rail).  Discover more about Fence Bullet™ by calling (918) 777-3973 or by visiting