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Published on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 11:59am

Industry News

 Motomco introduces new Tomcat® Titan™ Weighted Rodent Bait Station
 Article and photos provided by Motomco
 Agricultural producers now have a weighted, ready-to-go option when implementing a secure, effective rodent control program.  The Titan™ is Motomco’s newest addition to the Tomcat® line of bait stations that are preferred by producers for their security, versatility, and durable, long-lasting construction.
The Tomcat® Titan™ features a custom, pre-installed brick, so no additional securing of the station is required.  The brick holds the stations in place on the exteriors of buildings, or during clean out and transitions, and makes them less likely to be disturbed by livestock.  On top of the brick is a removable tray, making it faster and easier to replace bait and service the stations, saving producers time and labor costs.  
The single key locking mechanism provides added security and allows for easy opening and closing; in addition the station can also be setup to be used keyless. The removable tray will either hold 1 Rat Snap Trap or up to 8 x 1 oz. Bait Chunx with locking rods that won’t fall out during cleaning.
Motomco is committed to continually developing new solutions to improve rodent control in the agriculture industry, and the Titan™ is the latest example.  “The Titan design has been hugely successful in the professional pest control industry, and we’re extremely excited to be able to bring this station to the Ag market.  Once producers get them out on their farms, they’ll see how much faster it makes setting up and maintaining their rodent control and biosecurity programs,” said Andy Schoenherr, Product Manager for Motomco.  

The Tomcat® Titan™ Weighted Bait Station has passed all requirements for certification as a Tier 1 station, the highest level of bait station security recognized by the EPA, proving it is resistant to tampering by both children and dogs.  
The Tomcat® Titan™ Weighted Bait Station will be available for shipment on April 23, 2018 and will be sold through Motomco’s nationwide network of distributors and animal health suppliers.  For more information, contact your Motomco Territory Manager or visit
Motomco is the world leader in rodent control technology, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other pest species. Motomco is the leader in rodent control for the agricultural market and supports its customers with the industry’s most qualified Territory Managers.

Contact info:
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Providing Shade for Cattle – the New Normal?
By Larry Myers – Strobel Manufacturing
In the past years at Strobel Manufacturing we’ve noticed some changes.  Three years ago when we really started to promote the Cattle Shade it seemed that it was an experiment . . . and the typical feedlot guy was interested, but the main incentive to buy a portable shade was fear – fear of losing cattle in the searing heat.
I remember taking down this quote:
“I lost 60 head of cattle last year.  A few weeks ago I was in talking to my insurance guy and he said, “Do you have any shade for these cattle?”  I do now!”
The next year people started to take it seriously. We started hearing comments like:
“Maybe this is a great way to reduce heat stress on my cattle.”
“It does seem they stay on the feed better when they are under shade.”
“I’m hearing that sprinkling my black cattle might actually turn up the heat . . . for sure the humidity – with the water acting as a magnifyer and just giving them a temporary relief”
Last year, we were starting to see a very clear trend . . . many producers were saying “it’s not IF I need shade but WHAT KIND of shade will be best.”   Studies were being conducted and minds are changing.  This research is from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and outlines four practical steps to improving the summer high-stress conditions:

Developing a Heat Stress Management Plan
• Provide plenty of water and emergency water
• Practice low stress handling techniques and consider new feeding patterns
• Move cattle away from windbreaks and structures that might impede air flow
• Provide shade for your animals
Source: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Last July, I did a test myself with a handheld thermometer gun.  It was a hot day with the ground temperature at 137 – 147 degrees and I wanted to know what difference the Strobel Super Shade was providing.  All I did was slide the gun from the full sun and under the shade.  The thermometer dropped to 103!  That’s a 35 to nearly 45 degree difference.  You can see this on YouTube if you search “Strobel Super Shade.”
The 40’ x 40’ Strobel Self-Storing Super Shade provides a sturdy 1600 square feet of shade to service over a 100 head of cattle - with a 70% mesh tarp with ratchet strap hold downs and convenient winter storage right to the frame. The 3 ton base provides stability in high winds; built Strobel Strong – with a full 2 year warranty on the mesh tarp.
Is shade for cattle the new normal?  Is it a sure way to protect your investment and increase your gains?
From where I sit (in the shade), it seems that times have changed.  And we need to remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”
See a full cattle shade video on YouTube or at the Strobel Manufacturing page on Facebook.  For more information call 308.548.2254 or interact with us at