How To Become an Autonomous Rancher

Published on Mon, 01/09/2023 - 2:48pm

How To Become an Autonomous Rancher.

 Article and photos courtesy of 701x.

For ranchers, record-keeping, and tracking cattle are two of the most critical and stressful tasks that they perform daily. Accurate record-keeping practices improve herd performance, EPD accuracy, and aid in making herd management decisions. Lost cattle records are a nightmare for any rancher. Even worse, unaccounted cattle can result in more stress and time to track them down, as well as lost profits.

701x® Autonomous Rancher® is a cattle management platform for cattle ranchers to record all basic and performance data for their herd. The software integrates with breed associations so ranchers can import their data into the 701x platform and export the performance data that is collected on it back to their breed association.

701x Autonomous Rancher can be accessed on various smart devices and features a mobile app that even works while offline. Ranchers and their team members can record in the field and upload their data to the cloud once they have an internet connection. The platform allows any operation to have an unlimited number of users which allows operations big and small to keep data on every animal up to date in real-time.  

In addition to the software platform, 701x® developed smart ear tags that connect data directly to the software. The solar-powered xTpro™ model ear tag has GPS capabilities that record the location of cattle. Ranchers create geofences within the app and assign cattle to the pen or pasture that aligns to the geofence. Geofences are virtual perimeters for real-world geographic areas. If the animal crosses the geofence, an out-of-fence alert is sent to the rancher allowing them to locate the animal and see where the fence may need repair.  

The xTpro™ has other alerts to notify ranchers quickly when their herd may be in need. Alerts including a free-fall alert if an animal loses their tag, a no-movement alert to notify when an animal has not moved for an extended period, a low-movement alert if an animal has significantly dropped below their average activity level, and lastly a high-speed alert when an animal is moving above 29 mph. These alerts allow cattle ranchers to monitor their herd from near or far.  

xTpro™ tags on bulls aid in ensuring that they remain with the cowherd, resulting in more cows bred, more calves, better herd retention, and more profit in your pocket. Research has proven that bull data collected by xTpro™ tags brings more value to ranchers. 701x encourages users to access footstep data to understand which bulls are the most productive.

The latest product release from 701x is the xTlite™; a smart identification tag. xTlite™ tags can be used for a quick and easy inventory process. The tag is equipped with Bluetooth™ which allows cattlemen and women to take roll calls of nearby cattle in minutes. Each animal that is ‘Seen’ via Bluetooth™ will be listed and users can also manually check them off once they have found them. Additionally, users can add any sick animals to a watchlist to monitor them more closely day to day.

Easy-to-use tech and innovation for ranchers is what drives 701x. They are developing innovative solutions continuously and take into consideration the feedback from ranchers utilizing the technology in their operations.

701x empowers ranchers, with the tools to make better informed decisions for their operations to do more with less. By tracking cattle records, GPS location, activity, and more, all within the 701x Autonomous Rancher app, ranchers are able to cut labor, recognize lameness sooner, and be alerted right away when their herd is in need.