The Heart of Your Operation

Published on Tue, 08/24/2021 - 12:10pm

The Heart of Your Operation.

 Article courtesy of Moly Mfg.

 The most intricate and important livestock handling work is done at the chute. Having the correct tool for your operation is critical to the success and safety of animals and operators. You need to get it right but where do you start?

Dubas Equipment is a Central Nebraska business Founded by Gene Dubas that sells and services Moly Mfg. and SILENCER Equipment all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and numerous other countries. They attend over 50 tradeshows, fairs, and conventions throughout the year. “We purchased our first SILENCER Chute in 1993 loved it so much we became a dealer in 1994 and have been representing the company ever since. One thing that we feel puts us a notch above the rest is that we don’t just sell the products we are producers that use these products, we trust them with our livestock and believe in the craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from Moly Mfg. We use our SILENCER Chute and a Remote Controlled TurretGate system on a regular basis; therefore, we have a better understanding of the equipment which we can provide our customers with the exact equipment to fit their needs. Hydraulic neck extender bars are the industry standard for vaccinations and neck access. The hydraulic lower squeeze fits the contour of the animals body shape to keep it upright and at a controlled pace. The low-pressure squeeze allows for enough adjustment to work small calves up to large bulls in the same chute. Hydraulic forward assist helps you keep the flow while at the controls. Platform scales for easy clean out and quick weights. The options are limitless.

All SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes are built to order. The type of livestock operation & number of animals going through the hydraulic chute will begin the process of building your ideal SILENCER. In just a few minutes with Dubas Equipment, you can have a SILENCER build sheet, price & timeline for completion. Want to try one first? Ask about live demos!

Safety and Efficiency are the words we hear quite often. What can we do in those high impact areas to reduce the chance of injury? How can we build & keep a flow to the chute? Where can you save steps or reduce labor needs? Remote control Turretgate is THE tool to make an instant improvement to any operation. By staying out of the animals’ flight zone we find it keeps animals much calmer and is the only gate that offers continuous forward flow! Anytime an animal has to stop and turn, you’ve lost your flow and it must start again. Using Turretgate and the ability to shuttle the gate through the middle means the animal is always moving forward.

A common afterthought when purchasing livestock handling equipment & designing facilities is what happens after the chute. If you miss a catch, what is the plan? Do you need to add a loadout lane? Sorting animals after the chute is a common practice that adds time and labor. A hydraulic sort gate added to the controls of the SILENCER Chute gives you a 3-way sort with no extra steps or time. Add more hydraulic sort gates for even more sort options!

Portability can be critical to your operation to create a safer working environment when and where you need it. The complete Moly Mfg. low stress handling system can be made portable and is one of your build options through the ordering process. Setup in a complete remote controlled handling facility in less than an hour. Because these systems are operated by remote, it is possible for 1 person to move an entire herd hands-free with almost zero safety risk for the people processing the animals. No more running to close gates or being in small pens with agitated animals. No more waiting for unreliable labor to help work cattle.

Complete cattle comfort starts when your equipment is first installed. Make sure the introduction to your handling equipment is a positive experience for livestock to help build more efficient processing in the future. It will be worth the extra time spent and your animals will remember the way out.

From complete facility design to implementation and warranty, Dubas Equipment has the experience and staff to serve livestock handling needs of any level. “Not only do we listen to a customer’s wants & needs but we have them talk us through their operation. SILENCER Hydraulic Chutes are built with 100s of different configurations to create your perfect hydraulic chute for your operation. Give us an idea of how things flow currently. That allows us the chance to make suggestions the customer might have no considered. We’ve spent the last 28 years learning and growing. Combining our firsthand experience with technology and media to help share that insight. We don’t just see ourselves as a sales team, but as brand experts than can help your business thrive in production and safety.” - Gene Dubas, Dubas Equipment with Chad Berger, Berger Bucking Bulls

“At ORIgen we have found Gene Dubas to be an important and reliable component of the safe and efficient operation of our seme collection facilities where we have five barns that house up to 200 valuable individual bulls of all ages and attitudes. Gene has assisted us in choosing the correct equipment for our unique scenario where safety of both the bulls and people is paramount. He is an invaluable aid in keeping our equipment doing what it was designed to do. Like many startups, we began operations with other brands of equipment and were disappointed with those early results, but once Gene and the Moly equipment became part of our team, both our people and our customers bulls like the way things work at ORIgen now!” - Dick Beck, ORIgen

“I can honestly say SILENCER Hydraulic Chutes are a game changer for the beef industry. Jorgensen Land & Cattle would not be marketing 4000 bulls annually without Moly equipment. Gene Dubas and his team go above and beyond to ensure this great product is supported. With every great product comes great people and that’s what we have with Moly equipment and Gene Dubas” - Cody Jorgensen, Jorgensen Land & Cattle

“We have had a relationship with Gene Dubas for almost 2 decades, and he understands our needs for our operations. Bob and I have bought many chutes and trailers during that time along with setting him up with our friends and customers to help them with their needs. One of the main reasons I stay with Gene Dubas is that he stands behind the SILENCER name and a great warranty if there is a problem.” - Jim Sitz, Sitz Angus

“We purchased our first SILENCER Chute 20 years ago and are so glad we did. My Dad and I met Gene Dubas at the NCBA tradeshow while we were studying each chute in the tradeshow in search of the right chute for our new working facilities. It was obvious that SILENCER was the best chute, but it was a higher price than we had budgeted. Gene helped us see the value of this long-term investment and boy was he right. He also encouraged us to add scales to our chute and that too was a great investment. Service after the sale has been outstanding and every time we have had a question about the chute, Gene was our first call and he is always quick to help us. The next time we need a chute, we plan to buy a SILENCER from Gene Dubas.”