Published on Mon, 10/11/2010 - 12:12pm

Just roll out the GAP ZAPPER  and attach it to an existing electric fence system or to a stand-alone fence charger for a permanent or portable livestock and/or wildlife guard.  The GAP ZAPPER is a flexible rubber mat, made of two layers:  the bottom layer is nonconductive rubber and the top layer, made of a specially compounded rubber, has the ability to conduct electricity.  The GAP ZAPPER sends out an electrical charge to curious animals and keeps them on the right side of your fence line. The GAP ZAPPER withstands all vehicular traffic except tracked equipment.  If you need to move tracked equipment, the GAP ZAPPER can be quickly rolled up and moved out of the way.  Of course, you can walk across the GAP ZAPPER if you have on rubber- or vinyl-soled shoes.

The GAP ZAPPER can be permanent or portable, holds back livestock and wildlife, and can be installed in a few minutes.  The GAP ZAPPER is less expensive than other guards, doesn’t need to be cleaned out, and increases efficiency because you don’t have to get out of your vehicle to open and close gates.  The GAP ZAPPER works well in intensive grazing operations because of its portability.

The GAP ZAPPER is available in 4’x 6’, 4’ x 12’, 4’x 14’, 4’x16’, and 4’x 20’ sizes.  We also make a 4’ x 40” GAP ZAPPER for use with pivotal irrigation systems that cross fence lines.

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