Gallagher: Celebrating 75 Years of Working Alongside Producers

Published on Thu, 06/20/2013 - 4:09pm

75 years ago in New Zealand, William Gallagher Senior got tired of Joe the horse rocking his car, so he electrified his car. The horse got the message and the concept for the world’s first ever electric fence system was born. That sort of fresh thinking and innovative undercurrent remain at the heart of Gallagher today.

Dan Geller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Gallagher North America Animal Management says, “Reaching 75 years is a big achievement and we have to thank producers here in North America for their continued support.  It’s that enduring partnership that’s put the company where it is today.”

Originally, the core business was the development and manufacturing of electric fence applications, but today Gallagher also offers weighing, data collection and Miraco watering system solutions. Believing that a company must look toward innovation, represent only the best products and view every customer as a long-term partner is the foundation of Gallagher. 

Gallagher North America will be rolling out the much anticipated i Series system later this year.  Gallagher North America Product Manager, Jennifer Tiede describes the i Series as the “biggest advancement in electric fencing in the last 25 years.  These Energizers deliver so much more information into the hands of the producer. It’s like having six people out on your property constantly measuring the current and voltage of your fence and reporting the information back to you.” 

Each model comes with an Energizer Controller that enables the user to monitor the condition of the fence and performance of the Energizer. This controller can be used to turn the Energizer on or off, set alarm thresholds, and make adjustments to the target output voltage. Jennifer says the ability to locate the controller away from the Energizer is a major bonus.

Incorporating high efficiency components that deliver outstanding performance and stock control, i Series Fence Energizers make it easy for producers to find and fix faults quickly and efficiently. Fence monitors compatible with the M1800i and M2800i units can be placed in strategic locations along the fence line, dividing a fence system into zones to make it quicker and easier to locate a fence fault. 

To improve functionality even further, i Series Energizers are available with a range of optional features, including an SMS Energizer Controller module that enables fence performance to be monitored and controlled from anywhere with cell coverage. This means if a serious problem with a fence is detected; the producer is notified immediately via a text message to their mobile phone.  

The ability to control the M1800i & M2800i Energizer remotely with a Remote and Fault Finder means producers don’t have to waste time returning to the Energizer to turn it on or off when they want to fix a fault. 

Good electric fencing is critical to the success of any operation. The whole aim of i Series Fence Energizer Systems is to give producers the assurance that their fences are doing the job they were put there to do.