Fence Energizers with Versatile Power

Published on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 11:23am

 Fence Energizers with Versatile Power

 Article and photos provided by Gallagher

 Gallagher’s latest range of fence energizers has taken flexibility to a new level, giving producers three options when it comes to powering their units: 110v/plug-in, battery or battery/solar.

The MBS Multi Powered Energizer Range provides livestock control up to 90 miles / 520 acres, with models between 1 and 8 joules of stored energy. Each of the four energizers in the range opens opportunities to where livestock is controlled and what power source is used.
Gallagher developed the range after close consultation with ranchers and farmers about what they wanted in a truly flexible energizer. This included a need for greater power, reliability, portability and robustness in a single package. The power source flexibility of the MBS range means producers no longer need to mix and match energizers to applications.

The units can be installed as a permanent 110v-powered energizer delivering power to a defined area of the property. The energizers have incorporated a simple LED bar graph which clearly displays fence voltage performance.
Ranchers who have an unreliable 110v, plug-in power source also have the option of adding a 12V rechargeable battery to the unit with a battery back-up charger. The back-up charger, which is sold as an additional accessory, trickle charges the battery so that in the event of a power cut the battery kicks in to power the energizer providing peace of mind that your fence remains live.
The ability to power the MBS range with a battery also creates the option to use them for powering remote blocks or for strip grazing control where high power is needed. The battery operating mode uses a smart battery management algorithm to protect the battery from being over discharged and damaged, and its status is easily checked on the same LED bar graph that provides a battery performance indicator.
Adding a solar panel to the battery setup completes the power source trifecta, leaving no part of the ranch too remote to electrify. The easily installed solar kits come in 20, 40, 80 and 130 Watt options.  Gallagher can advise the best energizer and solar kit combination depending on your location.   The smart solar operating mode ensures that the energizer manages the batteries while maintaining the best stock control possible using the available solar energy.
The MBS energizers incorporate the design and build quality that has made Gallagher the market leader in the electric fencing, and first choice for North American ranchers and farmers over generations.