Equipment Profile: Portable Corrals

Published on Wed, 06/07/2017 - 11:35am

Equipment Profile: Portable Corrals

Winkel Portable Corral

Now cattlemen can turn any remote area into easy working conditions with Winkel Portable Corrals.  This is a complete system that includes a loading chute, nineteen 12’ corral panels, a 12’ x 10’ gate panel, a center frame, a 4-way post, an alley frame, a chute gate and a set of chains and boomers.  The trailer, which becomes the loading /unloading chute, is well balanced and simply hooks to your vehicle for confident towing down the highway, rough roads and through gates.  The easy-to-adjust height of the chute on location fits all sizes of cattle trailers.  Winkel panels have sled runner legs for effortless handling and gliding over the ground for a one-man setup. The panels can simply be pushed into place and secured together with Winkel’s secure-hook, bottom anchors and quick aligning, positive hookup clevis-type connector tops.  Each panel is dip painted with quality enamel for years of dependable life. Winkel Portable Corrals are available in the most popular Model PC12 as well as the optional Model C10 which has 10’ panels, no center frame and a 10’x 8’ size walk-thru gate.  For more information, contact Winkel Manufacturing 800-466-3606 or visit

Burlington Welding, LLC

Why portable?
This is a very common question that no matter where we go people seem to ask, but it’s not the whole question that created this company.  About twenty-five years ago the company founder was approached and asked a simple but serious question, to a rather serious and growing concern in our area.  The task laid before him was not so simple.  Can you make a safe, durable, easy to operate, portable cattle corral?  So with that in mind R.L. Wilson tackled the task and designed, patented, and manufactured the first truly portable corral.
It hasn’t been an easy task, but after the last twenty-five years we have been able to adapt and continue to grow.  The ranchers who asked the original question where looking for a complete self-contained gathering system that was portable, fast and easy to set up, strong enough to get the job done, stay in one piece and keep the rancher safe.
So we have answered that call and now offer four different units to handle your gathering and cattle working needs, and they’re all portable.  Whether you’re a smaller outfit running twenty-five to forty head per pasture with multiple pastures, or you’re a bigger operation running fifty or more per pasture with multiple locations, we have a unit for you.  It may be our Portable Corral or for the bigger guys we offer the Sorting System both of which are standalone units.  Maybe you just need some support equipment like our portable Chute and Alleyway systems (with or without tub or working pen) or The wing that can work as a gathering wing at the rear of the corral or as a sorting system then reconfigured into extra pens.  Whatever the job now you can quickly go to the cattle, do the job and move on to the next task while saving time and money.  

Linn Post and Pipe

With the Wrangler Portable Corral system from Linn Post & Pipe, working cattle has never been easier. Pasture season is just around the corner meaning you’ll spend much of your time catching, sorting and working cattle and for various treatments. The Wrangler Portable Corral comes in three sizes in bumper and gooseneck models, fitting the needs of any size herd, pasture or operation.
The optional headgate attachment allows for easy catching, treating and releasing right back into the pasture, leaving you more time for other tasks. When set up, the alleyway has a palpation door and access doors for convenient use. It’s never been easier to work cattle anytime, anywhere.
Sign up at Linn Post & Pipe to receive special promotions and be entered to win a free hay-saver bale feeder, valued at $1,100. Visit your Linn Post & Pipe dealer for more information about the contest or our portable corral system, or visit us online at

Rawhide Portable Corral

The Processor is offered in three sizes for the convenience of ranchers and cattle producers throughout the world and the main difference with this design is the ability to customize the corral upon ordering by including a hydraulic alley, head gate or loading chute. Whether you simply want to catch your cattle or process them on site and load them into a trailer from the pasture, you are able to do so with the Processor.
The design of the Processor continues to impress cattle producers with its versatility and ease of use. The permanent sheeted adjustable alley aids with working your livestock, whether it is done on site or in the field. The adjustable alley can be sized from thirty (30) inches down to sixteen (16) inches; either manually or hydraulically. 

W-W Livestock Systems

You won’t find a better portable corral system on the market than the Express Portable Corral by W-W Livestock Systems. Designed and built with quality, the Express Portable Corral features benefits that will serve your operation for generations to come. The panels of the Express Portable Corral chain down securely for transport and can withstand high highway speeds. Once you arrive at your destination, the simple, one-man setup makes your job quick and easy, with wheels on each panel to offer setup even over rough terrain.
Every operation is run differently, therefore, the Express Portable Corral is offered in multiple sizes, allowing catch capabilities ranging from 80-300 head, and is available with durable bull sheet or vinyl sheeting. Our pre-galvinized tubing construction offers maximum years of service no matter how rough the conditions. The Express Portable Corral is also equipped with a solar charging system, integrated trailer lights, highway hubs, and optional quick change gooseneck or bumper pull hitches. With the addition of W-W Livestock chutes and systems, you can have a full service unit.
The Express Portable Corral by W-W Livestock Systems was designed not only to make your lifestyle easier, but also to use materials that will keep you safe while remaining functional. At W-W Livestock Systems, we pride ourselves on providing quality equipment that is custom to your specific livestock needs.
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