Published on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 1:48pm


 By Dr. John Chalstrom, Ph.D.

 Endovac-Beef is unlike any other product you have ever given to cattle.” These are the enthusiastic words of Joe Scott, Director of Sales and Market Development as he discusses immunostimulants available for cattle producers through his Missouri based company.

Endovac-Beef provides two technologies in one bottle: a vaccine and an immunostimulant. The core bacterin used in Endovac vaccines is common to all gram-negative diseases. The core antigen vaccine provides a broad spectrum of protection from diseases such as E.coli, Salmonella, Mannheimia Haemolytica, and Pasteurella Multocida. Immune Plus, the immunostimulant, enhances the overall immune system by giving vaccinated animals the ability to mount a stronger, faster immune response. Immune Plus works by increasing the B and T lymphocytes, neutrophils, and circulating antibodies for a more robust immune system.

The advantage of Endovac-Beef over other vaccines lies in its core technology. It reaches a broad spectrum with only one antigen. Other vaccines utilize a cocktail method in which cattle must respond to a variety of antigens individually. Animals can only respond to so many antigens at a time. Endovac-Beef solves that problem and doesn’t overtax the immune system.

Lymphocytes and antibodies are both significantly increased with Immune Plus, elevating the animal’s own immune response to ward off harmful pathogens as well as increasing the animal’s potential to respond to vaccinations is its key to success. Endovac-Beef is the only gram-negative vaccine to not have harmful active endotoxins, this combined with the Immune Plus provides a simple effective solution for producers.  

A strength of Endovac-Beef is the flexibility of use. According to Joe Scott, Endovac can be used anytime you can touch an animal. Once a calf is born, Endovac is often administered in the first few days. This assists in kick starting the animal’s immune system. Two doses are needed for full benefit and a yearly booster needed thereafter. “Anytime you can touch a bovine is the time to use Endovac, “says Scott. While other immunostimulants are given for specific situations and as a separate shot, Immune Plus comes in the convenience of being packaged in a vaccine that is also flexible in timing and broad spectrum in use.

The origin of Endovac Animal Health has its roots at the University of Missouri as a result of research by Dr. Harold Garner, DVM, and Dr. Ronald Sprouse, Professor of Pathology. They founded it on the Sprouse’s Farm in Columbia.  Their research started in Equine, but with Ron’s family ranching history, bovine was an obvious species to take their technology to. The venture was privatized and the first products were introduced in 1986 under the corporate name of IMMVAC. The flagship product soon became Endovac-Bovi.  Today known as Endovac-Beef and Endovac-Dairy. Dr. Ronald and Dorothy Sprouse’s son Kevin Sprouse, still runs the company today keeping Endovac a family business. The company takes great pride in remaining a privately held American company. Due to the growth of Endovac produtcs, a larger state of the art vaccine production facility came on line in in 2020 while the original facility is currently under construction for an improved research and development space. The Sprouses also still own and operate Ron’s home ranch in Oklahoma that is the foundation of their cattle roots.