E. I. Medical Imaging; Using Portable Ultrasound Solutions to Make Your Beef Herd More Profitable

Published on Tue, 02/16/2016 - 1:41pm

By Steve Weisman

As profit and loss margins tighten in the cattle market, cattle producers continue to look for ways to increase efficiency and herd quality, while at the same time searching for ways to increase their profits.  Since 1984, E. I. Medical Imaging® (http://www.eimedical.com) has worked with both producers and veterinarians by providing portable ultrasound solutions by utilizing the Ibex Portable Ultrasound System to help improve the genetics, quality of the nutrition and overall health of the herd, all the while working to increase the profit margin. Today, E. I. Medical Imaging® (EIMI) is a world leader and the only US manufacturer of portable ultrasound solutions specifically engineered for veterinary use.


E. I. Medical Imaging was founded in 1984 based on the vision of developing a state-of-the-art, real-time ultrasound scanner to serve veterinarians and livestock producers worldwide. Over its nearly 32-year history, E.I. Medical Imaging products have evolved with the needs of the market. According to Jim Turner, Director of Marketing, “We are proud to be the only manufacturer of portable ultrasound systems engineered and developed in the United States specifically for the animal industry.”

            Today E.I. Medical Imaging's core values remain intact. Turner says, “We put our customers first, and we deliver solid, effective ultrasound solutions. E.I. Medical Imaging provides customers with more than just ultrasound products; we work to be a complete resource for livestock producers and veterinarians. Through ongoing research, development, training and education, E.I. Medical Imaging works closely with customers to make operations as efficient and profitable as possible. “


Why Ibex®       

         Recent research studies in the area of pregnancy diagnosis now offer producers the opportunity to greatly increase the profits from their herd. Instead of using the traditional rectal palpation procedure or blood testing of serum progesterone, the use of bovine ultrasound provides both the veterinarian and the producer with immediate data to diagnose pregnant or non- pregnant cows, allowing them to be returned into the pre-determined breeding protocol. 

         By using EIMI’s Ibex® line of portable ultrasound machines, producers can capture a wide range of real time data. The Ibex® line:

  • Determines pregnancy at an earlier date
  •  Provides real life image of the embryo
  • Helps determine the incidence twins
  • Helps predict the calving date
  • Helps manage health issues and early embryonic death
  • Helps market cows or heifers based on the sex of the fetus
  • Helps diagnose non pregnant cows and getting them ready for the next artificial insemination service more quickly
  • Helps in the marketability of animals


Cole Briggs, a fourth generation rancher and owner of Trail’s End Ranch located 70 miles west of Pierre, SD, says with a smile, “I grew up with cattle and went to A. I. school at 14 years of age. I purchased my Ibex® Pro three years ago, and it has a thousand hours on it. It is a very easy system to use and provides a very good image.”

         The real key for producers is that the Ibex® line is not limited to an electrical outlet or an enclosed facility. Its portability allows producers to take it wherever the cattle are located. “We know that cattle are often miles away from the ranch, and it’s not feasible to bring the cattle in. With the Ibex® line, you can take it anywhere. Battery operated, it weighs under seven pounds and can fit in a saddle bag so it can go wherever the cattle happen to be,” notes Turner.

         Chad Price, whose ranch is near Faith, SD, says it took only about 250 cows before he was confortable with his ability to use the Ibex® Pro system, and he appreciates its portability and durability.

         Clay Farlee, a rancher near Eagle Butte, SD, and Roger Schofield, a rancher west of Faith, SD, both agree that the Ibex® Pro is very user friendly with a long lasting battery life. They also appreciate the information that they are able to gather with the Ibex® Pro.

Just on the market

         The newest product in the EIMI line is the Ibex® EVO®. Turner says, “All of EIMI’s products are known for their durability and portability. However, the EVO® is the most impressive generation of portable veterinary ultrasounds yet. It is three times more powerful with a digital system that provides producers with image quality never before seen in a portable ultrasound. The engineers spent 3½ years of research and development before EIMI brought it on the market.”

         The Ibex® EVO has taken 10 years of feedback from customers using previous systems and made each feature request a possibility.  One of the most requested features was brought to life when the company developed a new mobile application called EVOStream™. This application makes it possible to stream the image from the portable ultrasound onto both iOS and Android devices. There are many other features now available on this system where before it was just not possible with the current technology. Chas Maloy, company President and owner states, “This is going to revolutionize our business and we believe the our customer’s industry.”

The EIMI Difference: customer service first

EIMI takes pride in customer support, and technical services, which are second to none. Veterinarians and livestock producers operate in a fast-paced, structured environment, and downtime in breeding schedules is not an option. Which is why its technical support staff is there to answer questions.

In the event that an Ibex system should need service, EIMI provides three business days turnaround time on service items. In addition, it has an equipment loaner program that virtually ensures no customer downtime. Highly skilled technicians are trained to troubleshoot any service items-even on some non-E.I. Medical Imaging systems. As a software based system, many potential support issues can be resolved remotely. Very few of the company’s competitors are able to provide the necessary support by being there when you pick up the phone and need an immediate answer.

According to Turner, “We log any customer feedback, both good and poor, into a database and review those regularly. We send out a customer satisfaction survey to each of our new customers quarterly, and they can provide information about their experience with the product and our company. We also survey every system that has been in our service department on their experience. We listen to customer feedback on the social networks, we hear about it in blog postings and we even pay attention to forums and other places online. If you are talking about the Ibex® or any of the products in our company, we are listening.”

Scott Hoyt, a rancher east of Pierre, SD., has used an Ibex® Pro for the past three years and believes in its overall quality and durability. There simply is no maintenance, and it is extremely user friendly.

            Briggs concurs with what Turner says about customer service. “I feel we are blessed to have a company like EIMI that is right here in the United States. The quality of their equipment is exceptional, and they take care of their customers. By using the Ibex system, I believe that we are driving animal health care costs down!”

EIMI invites you to get to know their company and learn more about their core values. They provide company tours regularly to veterinarians, student groups and livestock producers. Their friendly staff want to speak with you today. Check them out at http://www.eimedical.com or give them a call at toll free (866) 365-6596.