Don’t Gamble on Weaning and Receiving - MLS Tubs Are a Sure Bet

Published on Mon, 07/24/2023 - 11:36am

Don’t Gamble on Weaning and Receiving - MLS Tubs Are a Sure Bet.

 Article courtesy of Midcontinent Livestock Supplements.

Fall is here and most likely your calves are going through a “stress” period as they transition through weaning. Bawling calves, developing rumens, long truck rides and new environments; these all add up quickly to create high stress conditions. However, Midcontinent Livestock Supplements (MLS) can help you place a sure bet during these times of weaning and receiving. The MLS #5 Stress Tub and the HM Transition Manager Tub are both specifically formulated for high stress situations and changes in the production cycle.

The Power of Palatability
Cattle producers know that the greatest products in the world mean nothing if your calves won’t eat or consume them in high enough amounts, which puts palatability at the top of the list! MLS solely manufactures low-moisture cooked molasses tubs and our stress and receiving products are fan favorites that deliver more targeted nutrition than other competing stress tubs on the market. Through the cooking process we blend liquid and dry ingredients to deliver the right amount of proper nutrition upon arrival or immediately at weaning; right when your cattle need it the most! The importance of our highly palatable MLS #5 Stress Tub and the HM Transition Manager is consistent consumption for every calf in the pen. After being weaned, hauled, and potentially ending up in a radically new environment, it is not uncommon to find calves uninterested in eating. Lack of interest in feed, coupled with the stress of weaning and/or receiving, can set the immune system up for challenges. The #5 Stress Tub and the HM Transition Manager Tub each provide a solution that entices calves to start eating quickly. This quick consumption supplies critical nutrients into the rumen right from the start without delay, helping to prepare the immune system for a variety of challenges in the next 30 to 45 days of life.  

Available All Day, Every Day to Every Animal
No matter what situation, when using one of our supplement solutions every animal has a chance to get the nutrition they need! Whether it is a pen of freshly weaned calves, yearlings going to winter pasture, or heavier calves entering the feed yard; cattle will always have access to the nutrition they need to thrive. With cattle fighting for a position at the bunk or being too stressed to even eat, MLS tubs are always available to even the weakest cattle in the group. This constant availability drives gut health, immune support, getting cattle to grass or taking feed in at the bunk during these tough times of stress and transition.  

The Options MLS #5 Stress Tub  
• Targeted formulation to assist stressed cattle during weaning, starting, and receiving

• Ideal for application in stocker and backgrounding operations

• Includes Zinpro Availa® 4 trace minerals aid in the reduction of sickness, lameness, increased immunity, etc.

• Includes CELMANAX™ SCP Technology as a multifunction prebiotic gut health additive that offers numerous benefits to health and performance such as reducing the incidence and severity of coccidia, E. coli and salmonella
HM Transition Manager

• Highly palatable self-fed supplement to encourage intake and stimulate appetite

• Targeted formulation with specific minerals to help provide electrolyte balance that can be easily compromised with abrupt diet changes due to stress or other transition periods

• Low Cost Per Head Per Day to increase profitability

• Improve overall health and performance by encouraging feed intake at the bunk

• CELMANAX™ SCP Technology for optimal gut health and defense against pathogenic bacteria along with increased immune function support

• Inclusion of chromium, high levels of vitamin E & B vitamins for multiple health and performance benefits such as rumen function, antioxidant defense and more rapid recovery time when exposed to immune challenges

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