Customer Focus Leads to Improved Cattle Handling Facilities

Published on Mon, 08/01/2016 - 12:24pm

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 All cattle facilities have their own unique set of requirements that need to be met in order to process cattle safely and efficiently. However, many operations are using standard livestock handling equipment that does not meet the needs of their operation. As a result, these operations have increased labor costs and are potentially exposing themselves to financial loss due to injury to their employees or livestock. Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing (LEM) in Hull, Iowa, understands the need for quality equipment that is properly designed for each individual customer’s needs and livestock handling preferences.

In 1990, Harv Punt, the owner of Livestock Equipment & Manufacturing, was contacted by a local vet. The vet had sent an employee to the hospital that day with a broken rib that was sustained while working cattle. He told Harv, “I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but I need a way to control that animal’s head.” After several days, Harv had the idea for the Hydraulic neck extender. The neck extender held the animal’s head firmly in place and prevented future injury to the vet’s employees. The rights to build the neck extender were sold to Titan West Inc. and LEM became a dealer for Titan West Inc. The neck extender is still in use on the Titan West Hydraulic Chutes.

Over the years, LEM has expanded their product line. In 2008, LEM became a dealer for Arrowquip. The addition of the Arrowquip product line offers additional options to better meet the individual needs of their customers. In 2012, Harv designed a new Hydraulic chute, the EZ Care Cattle Chute (patent pending). The EZ Care chute features a full parallel operation of the headgate and squeeze that are supported by overhead slide tubes. The original neck extender has been reconfigured to provide better access to the animal while in use. The chute is custom-built to the customer’s specifications. It is available in both stationary and portable models. The portable model features a full hydraulic operation and is available in two different configurations. In addition to the EZ Care chute, LEM also offers custom built hydraulic lead alleys that are available in single and twin alley configurations that are built to the exact length needed.

Today, LEM continues to focus on meeting the needs of their customers. By working with cattle ranchers, feedlots and vets, LEM has made continuous improvements in their livestock equipment and facility design. This experience is used to provide expert design service to new customers that want to upgrade their current facility. When contacted by a customer, LEM works closely with them to determine what their needs are.

If needed, LEM will visit the proposed site to review existing buildings/facilities that are currently in place to see if they can be incorporated into the final facility design. Standard components from the Titan West Inc. and Arrowquip product lines are used when possible.

When custom equipment is needed, LEM designs and fabricates the required components.  A detailed CAD drawing is created to show the customer how all the components will fit together. Once completed, the equipment can either be picked up and installed by the customer or delivered and installed by LEM.

LEM has been “Handling you business like our own since 1990”. They have designed and installed working facilities that have helped cattle producers improve their bottom line. Properly designed working facilities will reduce labor costs, reduce processing time, reduce animal stress, and provide safe working environments for the operators.

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