Cover Story: Supreme International Quality Without Compromise

Published on Mon, 11/03/2014 - 4:05pm

Supreme International is known around the world for building vertical processors that meet the highest expectations of quality and performance. Supreme has earned this reputation by custom designing and building each mixer to the end user’s specifications, and using only the highest quality parts and components.
With over 60 years of experience in the agricultural industry, Supreme uses their experience and input from producers around the world to enhance their products. Supreme was the first company in North America to design, test and manufacture the vertical processor, and continues to lead the industry in development, design and quality. While many other manufacturers have attempted to utilize the elements that have made Supreme so successful, they can’t achieve the same premium machine by cutting corners to reduce cost.
The vertical feed processor has revolutionized the way producers feed cattle. Cattlemen and Dairymen have been able to rely on their Supreme vertical processor to be their complete TMR solution.
A Supreme feed processor can accurately process roughage to lengths of 1-6", blend feed and feed additives into a single uniform ration without grinding or damaging the feed, and feed out precise amounts. The quality of a ration is dependent on the accuracy of the mix and the quality of the cuts, both traits that Supreme processors have built their name on.
With a proper ration and consistent mixing, producers can effectively heighten their herd health, increase their production and gains, and lower operating costs. Any nutritionist will agree that even with the best feed, if it isn’t mixed and distributed effectively to the herd, not only will production drop, but serious health issues can occur.
Many people don’t realize that unlike other farming implements, a TMR processor is used every day, sometimes operating all day. These units run in all manners of weather, and are expected to feed livestock accurately and consistently. The reality is that cattle need to be fed every day, regardless of conditions, so producers need a rugged, reliable machine to ensure their operation runs smoothly.
While some producers feel they can work with a lower quality mixer, they lose out on the massive benefits that a Supreme International has to offer. Supreme mixers are designed and proven to feed effectively from the first cow to the last, and that the feed quality doesn’t deteriorate with age of the mixer as long as proper maintenance is done.
Supreme International does not mass produce their mixers — they design each one and build them to order in Canada and the United States. By manufacturing their products in North America Supreme refuses to compromise quality to reduce cost by outsourcing their products.
Supreme believes that quality and performance should be the key values for any producer, and work effortlessly to cater to their needs.
Often imitated, never duplicated, Supreme made significant developments to the industry that other processors have tried to reproduce, but haven’t come close to matching a Supreme’s performance. Supreme was the first company to patent the Cylindrical Auger, an auger that provides an incredibly accurate mix and unsurpassed performance. Supreme then followed the original auger up with a wider flighting ‘Corn Auger,’ which allows producers with heavier grain rations exceptional blending performance. This is just another example of how a producer can choose the options that suit their operation best, getting them the most out of their processor and their ration.
An exclusive option for a Supreme processor is the Second Cutter. The second cutter is designed to assist in the cutting of dry roughage such as hay or straw. The second cutter consists of 44 blades spinning at 2000 RPM. This will substantially reduce the cutting time of dry forage bales, including coastal hay, Bermuda grass bales and all tough-to-process forages. The second cutter is also ideal to throw cut straw 35-40 feet wide for bedding in cold temperatures.
Each Supreme mixer is built to last. Supreme builds their mixers out of abrasion-resistant AR200 steel, which although is a higher cost than mild steel, lasts much longer under hard wear. Each conveyor comes standard with a stainless steel top pan. The processor’s frame and undercarriage are designed to take on massive weights, yet light enough to be pulled with a tractor of minimum horsepower.
Supreme uses heavy-duty 2 stage planetaries, providing much higher torque ratings than the competition. These planetaries are the largest drives available in the industry, and are designed as low RPM/high torque drives that can take on even the toughest commodities, such as frozen silage bales.
With each unit built to order, it allows customers to get a unit that is designed with their needs in mind. With options ranging from conveyor style and door placement to 2-speed drive systems or scale options, Supreme processors are sure to meet the needs of any farm.
Supreme customers have come to appreciate the care and quality put into their machines, and they are often amazed at just how long their mixer lasts under even the most demanding circumstances. Some of the first customers are proud to show their ‘Original Blue’ mixers that are still mixing strong, while others trade in to a bigger size with more options as their herd expands.
Many beef producers rely on Supremes to get the most out of their feed and get regulated, healthy gains on their animals. Often times, beef producers purchase a vertical processor to get through a winter on less feed when yields aren’t high, but when they see the increased performance in their animals they turn to rely on it more and more.
Designed with the cow and calf operations in mind, the new line of Segue mixers from Supreme are a great addition for beef producers. Segue mixers have the same tub and auger design as Supreme processors, offering the same great TMR mix.
Key differences between Segues and Supremes are that Segues are produced out of high-grade 44w steel, have an industrial finish, and offer a viewing ladder. These features make Segue a great addition to the Supreme family, offering a great TMR mix that Supreme is known for, at a great price. Segue processors are available from 235-649 cu. ft. capacities, with a wide range of options available, and just like a Supreme, each unit is custom built to order in North America, offering a high quality piece of machinery that producers can rely on.
Supreme International caters to customers around the world, with mixers on farms from 50 head to over 100,000. Supreme’s global clients range from some of the highest profile producers in the Middle East, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Hungary and all across the USA and Canada. With such a diverse range of clients, it shows that regardless of location, environment, and ration, Supreme International vertical processors are producer’s complete TMR solution.
Supreme offers a full line of mixers ranging from 235 to 1877 cubic feet, available in pull type, truck mount and stationary models. Supreme has also expanded its line to include Delivery boxes and conveyors, giving producers the opportunity for a premium quality feed mixing and delivery solution.
The Supreme Delivery box is a welcome addition to the feeding line. With four pressure compensated feeding modes, a stainless steel floor and lower sides, the Supreme Delivery Box will deliver and feed out any ration consistently and smoothly. With both a 20' and 24' model available, the Supreme Delivery Box is the perfect match to any stationary TMR mixer, and a high efficiency feeding solution.
Supreme stands behind their products. With an industry exclusive ONE YEAR MONEY BACK PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE, Supreme gives producers peace of mind that they are buying a quality, high performance machine. With proper maintenance and care, a Supreme vertical processor is sure to last on any operation, and give producers the performance they need to run smoothly. The best way to learn about a Supreme is to see one in action, ask your local dealer for a demo today! Call 800.563.2038 or visit for more information.