Published on Mon, 05/04/2015 - 1:08pm

Committed to Building a Better Community, One Construction Project and One Relationship at a Time  

By Steve Weisman  

W. Randall Coil, founder and president of Coil Construction Inc. (, started his business in 1975 beginning with a focus on small remodeling and renovation construction in and around the Columbia, Missouri area. Since then, Coil Construction has grown into a large commercial construction business operating throughout the Midwest, with an emphasis on construction projects in Missouri.

As the market developed, Coil Construction expanded into industrial and multi-state construction. Today, Coil is an authorized representative of Varco-Pruden Buildings, the leading supplier of pre-engineered buildings in the United States.

While Coil Construction has grown from the small company it once was, the commitment to excellence from those early days has not changed. Its experienced team of designers, engineers, architects and project managers is able to assess each project based on its individual needs, providing the recommendations and guidance that ultimately make a building project more successful.

As part of the Varco Pruden network, Coil Construction has consistently received yearly awards for their continued excellence in the building industry. From Excellence in Safety, to the Best in Category Award in the annual VP Hall of Fame Award, to the Grand Award, Coil Construction is recognized across the Midwest for its quality workmanship and ability to work closely with its many clients.

According to Doug Yancey, Advertising and Sales Promotions Manager with Varco Pruden (, “Coil Construction does an excellent job of meeting the needs of its customers. At Varco Pruden, our goal is to help our network of dealers be able to offer custom designs engineered to order.”

Varco Pruden specializes in the computer-aided design of pre-engineered metal buildings & steel systems construction. Through the use of the company’s advanced engineering programming, Varco Pruden combines steel structural materials with virtually any exterior finish to create metal buildings that are energy efficient and provide years of trouble-free performance. Working alongside a network of builders, architects, and engineers, Varco Pruden provides aesthetically appealing buildings with optimum functionality and is the ultimate building solution for steel construction and metal building needs ranging from agricultural buildings, auto dealerships, transportation facilities, government buildings, office buildings, schools, churches and warehouses — the list is unlimited.

Success Starts at the Table
According to Coil, each successful project begins with all of the stakeholders meeting together to share the vision of the potential building or site development. According to Coil, “Each project is unique based on what the customer wants. It is up to us to understand their needs and to create a design to meet the issues they have.”

Mike Hemme, Vice President of Business Development/Project Management, agrees, saying, “It is a team approach. The pre-construction stage is very important for everybody to be on the same page. By having Coil Construction be a part of this process and through the entire process, there is continuity from day one.”

Both agree that with the engineering expertise and the computer software programs created by their engineers, Coil Construction can basically customize any building, in any way. Hemme notes, “With Varco Pruden products, each piece is pre-engineered specifically for that specific project. Instead of using, say, standard structural members, we have the ability to custom design the structural members. In that way, we are using the exact size and strength that the structure is designed for.”
Throughout the construction process, Coil Construction continues to work closely with its clients keeping the communication lines open and addressing any changes or additions along the way.

When the project is completed, a checklist is completed to the satisfaction of both parties and close-out documents are given to the client. “We provide close-out documents and give all of the information needed for building maintenance and upkeep,” says Coil.

Hall of Fame Awards
In 2009, Coil Construction received two VP Hall of Fame Awards, one for the construction of the 18,000 square-foot Perry Nissan Auto Dealership in Columbia, Missouri, and the second award in the agriculture category for its construction of the first class commercial building at Warm Springs Ranch near Boonville, Missouri.

A Complex Project
The Warm Springs Ranch project became one of the most all-encompassing projects Coil Construction has ever done. The 300+ acre ranch is now home to a mare/stallion and foal barn, veterinary lab and 10 pastures, each with a customized walk-in shelter specifically designed to protect the horses from the elements. However, in 2006, it was only a vision held by the owners.

Looking back on the project, Coil, says, “Warm Springs was a very unique project, and it is one that we are very proud of.” However, to gain an accurate understanding of the vision required that Coil Construction learn about what horses need.

“After sitting down with the owners and learning what they wanted, we took that information to equestrian experts to learn exactly what would be needed,” says Hemme, who was the project leader. “Then we went to our engineers to create the plan and design. It took us four weeks to put the team together and make our presentation.” For the entire project team, it was truly all about the special residents: the Clydesdales. Plus, it was literally starting from scratch, just rolling grasslands, with the goal of turning Warm Springs Ranch into a state-of-the-art Clydesdale breeding facility.

That is where the owners’ vision was so critical. Reflecting back, Hemme notes that it actually became a two-phase project. “Coil Construction had to first put in all of the infrastructure including 14 miles of secure fencing, water lines, fire sprinkling system, water storage, pulling all of the fiber optic lines, security system and the construction of the walk-in shelters. With the help of our equestrian experts, we were able to design the shelters to best protect the horses. It took approximately one year to complete this phase of the project.”

Phase two involved the construction of the main breeding facility. This took about eight months to complete. Upon completion, both Coil and Hemme see Warm Springs as one of the most unique and complex systems that Coil Construction has completed.

Reflecting on the past 50 years, Coil says everything revolves around the client. “Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and to establish a strong working relationship. It does not matter how big or small or how complex the project might be, we can customize the construction.” From agricultural, to professional, to institutional, to retail, to industrial, to Greek housing, to healthcare, Coil Construction offers a full range of services in both design/build and construction management.