Cattle Fencing Resources

Published on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 4:18pm

It seems that cattle fencing is always a tedious job.  Not only if you are fixing fence does it probably mean you were chasing cattle in the not too distant past but it also means you will probably have to buy new fencing supplies, re-think the way the fence was originally designed or for larger jobs find labor to help you build back the fence properly.  To help create the best possible fence as quickly and affordably as possible see our list of some of the best cattle fencing resources out on the web.

1. Planning & Building Fences on the Farm

This is another great resource put out by the Tennessee Extension service that goes beyond just basic fence creation.  This document outline different fences for different species both electric and standard.  Great diagrams and well explained steps from fence selection to building make this a great resource to use over and over again.

2. Fencing Materials For Livestock Systems

This series of web pages built by Virginia's Extension Service is very through and complete.  With diagrams, models and price structures for fencing for a variety of different species (cattle, hogs, sheep, etc.) this resource provides a lot of information and advice to help ensure your make the correct decisions regarding wire type, post selection and fence design.

3. Estimated Costs For Livestock Fencing

This concise document compiled by Iowa State Universities Extension service outlines the different type of fence that should be considered when designing or replacing fencing.  The document also provides estimates of prices, labor costs and additional materials needed to successfully implement a cattle fence that will stand the test of time.

4. The ABCs of Electric Livestock Fencing

For those raising just a few head of cattle and primarily use electrified fencing as your primary type of cattle fencing material this document put together by Michigan State University might be just what you are looking for.  It lays out good fencing diagramming practices and explains some of the basic points of making sure your electric fence installation will be solid and deliver adequate resistance for years to come.

These are just a few of the great cattle fencing resources that are available free of charge through various state extension services. If you are looking for cattle fencing materials or supplier make sure and checkout American Cattlemen's Cattle Fencing Directory to find suppliers in your area. Also if there are other good cattle fencing resources out of the Internet that need to be recognized as great informational pieces please post a link in the comments area below. 

Article provided by Austin Elling of You resource for all things Show Cattle.