Business Profile: Gallagher Ranch and Farm Equipment Save Time and Money

Published on Tue, 01/06/2015 - 12:46pm

Visitors can’t help but notice the diverse offerings when stopping by the Gallery on the Farm in Enniskillen, Ontario, Canada. And that’s by design, says owner Eric Bowman.
Bowman says he wants to give his customers a unique agriculture experience, through the diverse breeds of cattle raised and marketed, variety of vegetables grown, art pieces and home goods available.
But while the farm itself may be well-rounded, when it comes to farm and ranch equipment, Bowman is very particular.
“We’ve been using Gallagher products exclusively on our operation for more than twenty years,” says Bowman. “The company and its products are well ahead of the competition when comparing quality and durability. My electric fence tester is at least 18 years old, our scale almost seven years, and a fault finder about three years old. All of our equipment is working just as well as it did the day we bought it.”
One of the top reasons Bowman relies on Gallagher products is because he believes they save farmers and ranchers time and money.
Tim Campbell, Gallagher territory manager agrees. “For example, the Gallagher Fault Finder is a multi-mode tool that measures voltage on both sides of the unit, saving valuable time. A problem that could potentially take days to locate is now solved in roughly 20 minutes.”
“I was having trouble with my fence but didn’t know the location of the problem,” Bowman explains. “I run seven miles of fence and would never have found the issue without the Gallagher Fault Finder.”
Bowman also points to his utilization of Tumblewheels as a prime example of both the cost- and time-savings of Gallagher products.
Tumblewheels allow ranchers to maximize their pasture through rotational grazing, says Campbell. “The Tumblewheels are used to create a portable electric fence system that allows cattle to graze new grass every day and gives the old grass an opportunity to rest and recover between grazing cycles. From a cost and efficiency perspective, you’re netting more pounds of forage on the same amount of pasture.”
“Being a certified organic operation, it is difficult to find organic hay, and very expensive,” says Bowman. “I used to feed 250 bales in the summer, and now, by incorporating the Tumblewheels in my grazing strategy, I don’t feed with bales. Even in the winter, I still have bales in the barn. The Tumblewheels almost pay for themselves immediately.”
Utilizing Tumblewheels also allows ranchers to quickly and easily roll a fence line to a new position in a matter of minutes, explains Campbell. “The Tumblewheels act as a rolling fence post, with each wheel featuring six spokes and a unique center hub that maintains power while the fence is being moved. As the Tumblewheel turns, four of the six spokes are hot while the remaining two spokes touching the ground are dead. For the rancher, this means they can move cattle in a fraction of the time. An entire fence line can be moved to a new location in five minutes.”
Bowman states he moves his cattle to new pasture twice a day and with the Tumblewheels and his utility vehicle, he can complete the task by himself in a very short period of time.
“It’s so easy to roll a fence line with the Tumblewheels,”
Bowman says. “I can move 660' of fence in three minutes. I’ve been using Tumblewheels for the past four years and they work really well, the cattle are easily trained on it too.”
Bowman says he’ll continue to rely on the quality and dependability of Gallagher products when making future purchasing decisions for his operation. “If it works — don’t change it.”