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Published on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 10:09am

Staying Ahead of the Game.

 By Maura Keller.

 In the small town of Dalhart, Texas, R&R Machine Works has been working hard to help over 750 worldwide customers maintain their feedyard mills, while servicing the animal feed industry. It was back in 1976, nearly 40 years ago, that R&R Machine was first established as a machine shop.

Used by local farmers and feed yards for repairs and services, the company experienced continued growth, leading R&R Machine to expand its focus to including the fabrication of roller mill equipment, including steam chest, flaker, cracker, and grinder mills.
What started out as a local organization has evolved into a global service enterprise, serving companies throughout the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Russia.
As Warren Cornelius, president and CEO of R&R Machine, explains, initially the company manufactured and serviced only R&R equipment, but with the industry changing with the needs of customers, they now service all types of roller mill equipment. R&R specializes in quality manufacturing of its R&R equipment, and also grind and corrugating rolls for feedyards, hydraulic repair, gearbox repair, metal fabrication, bearings and belt sales, motor sales and the sale or repair of any type of flaker or cracker mill.
“To say we just about do it all is true,” Cornelius says. “Our customers demand quality service and products and we had to step up to accomplish their needs.”
Cornelius points out that feed yards and feeding animals have been around for a long time and the knowledge and efficiencies that have grown over time has benefited the industry.
“At R&R Machine we have elevated the capacity of roller mills so they are able to obtain more output capacity than in the past,” Cornelius says. “R&R mills are built to perform and when needed, easily worked on.”
“Our professional attitude and reputation for dependability and quality service has made us a leader in the field of manufacturing roller mills, re-corrugating rolls, and proving complete services for all of your mill needs,” Cornelius says. “R&R Machine Works has provided parts and service from the bottom of roller cabinets to the top of the steam chest.”
R&R has also utilized technology to gain huge efficiencies in the company’s services, helping their customers gain the best consistent product on the market.

For example, the RR1000 Automation product that R&R has designed and developed is the best mill automation on the market. It’s able to set the roll gap on each side of the rolls and maintain the flake set points to the desired weight. The RR1000 Control Panel allows for adaption for future areas of automation and it provides automatic production and control updates. The automated grease units eliminate human error and increase bearing life.
“Safety issues are resolved because actual ‘hands on’ situations are decreased,” Cornelius says.
Being web compatible allows a mill to be monitored from anywhere and a single employee can operate many mills and maintain a quality product, allowing for decreased human error and increasing productivity. The company’s web-based product also makes it convenient — no matter where you are — in the mill, office or on a loader.
“Our extensive knowledge within the service arena stems from the fact that 85 percent of our employees have been with R&R Machine for over 10 years,” Cornelius says. “R&R is constantly trying to make the product more efficient — not only on the output, but in the ability and need for service.”