Bekaert Corporation unveils the Bekaert Fencing System

Published on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 10:37am

Bekaert Corporation unveils the Bekaert Fencing System

Fencing accessory leader Gripple joins as premier partner

Article and photos courtesy of Bekaert Corporation

Bekaert introduces a new collection of solutions that simplifies the entire process of installing, maintaining and repairing all types of wire fencing. The Bekaert Fencing System helps customers save money on material and labor for the full life of their fence by combining the highest quality wire on the market with an innovative range of accessories from well-known manufacturers.

“Working with world-class partners allows us to focus on our greatest strength while tapping into the strengths of other industry leaders,” said Jenia Reece, Bekaert Marketing Specialist. “The goal is to make sure our superior wire is always part of the best fencing system available.”
One of those world-class partners is Gripple, whose trusted products will serve not only as a wire joiner, but a tensioner as well. This corrosion-resistant, time-saving alternative:
• Replaces cumbersome knots and crimps to make installation up to five times faster

• Comes in a variety of sizes and versions for compatibility with all gauges of smooth wire, field fence, electric fence wire, high tensile barbed wire and low carbon barbed wire
• Can be tensioned and re-tensioned year after year with the Gripple Tensioning Tool, or removed from the wire entirely using the specially designed Release Key
“We couldn’t be more honored to include Gripple as a premier partner of the Bekaert Fencing System,” said Reece.
“After nearly 30 years in the industry, their name has become synonymous with market-leading, innovative fencing products.”
This partnership is the first of many planned for the near future as Bekaert looks to expand its new solution to include additional options and accessories that make fence installation and ownership easier than ever. To learn more about the evolving Bekaert Fencing System, please contact Jenia Reece at

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