Attachments Can Help Ease Cattle Ranching Workload

Published on Wed, 02/24/2021 - 4:37pm

Attachments Can Help Ease Cattle Ranching Workload.

 Article provided by Danuser.

 Danuser, a manufacturer of skid-steer and tractor attachments, offers industry-leading products to help ranchers save time and money. Here are some of their most popular tools:

The Danuser Intimidator gets to the root of the problem – the ideal attachment for removing trees, bushes, stumps, rocks, posts and other land-clearing obstructions. It’s basically the Swiss Army Knife of tree pullers, incorporating features that combine to make it both unique and extremely effective. The highly versatile Intimidator with its synchronized jaws also offers lower operating costs than a bulldozer and less work than a chainsaw.

Mega Mixer
Need mega mixing power? That’s no problem with the newly enhanced Mega Mixer material handling bucket. Its innovative design makes it the perfect tool for mixing, scooping, and transporting feed, sand, gravel and a wide range of other materials. Key features include better flow control and reduced spillage, operator flexibility to dispense on either the right or left side, greater reach for clearing trenches and removable chutes that allow for easier accessibility in tight areas.

The Danuser Hammer simplifies the tough job of driving fence and sign posts on the ranch. As a free-fall weight system, there are no springs, hydraulic cylinders or return lines to allow the weight to come down. It’s a complete, simple-to-use, one-person operation with grapple and versatile mounting options available.  

Wire Winder and Wire Unroller
The Python Wire Winder makes easy work out of rolling up fence wire, with features like tie wire grooves, ten wire starter slots and retention pin storage. To wind up a single strand or multiple strands, simply attach the Python to a hydraulic auger drive with 2” hex, place the two tie wires in the grooves, then place the fence wire strand(s) in the slot(s), and turn on the auger drive to start wrapping.  

The Python Wire Unroller connects to a standard 2” receiver hitch.  It easily unrolls new and Python-rolled spools of barbed and smooth wire for faster fencing. Features include optimal clearance for open tailgates, providing easy access to cargo area, convenient rebar and T-post straightener for fencing repair and controlled spinning to prevent backlash. The angled frame design gives the Wire Unroller an additional 9½ inches of ground clearance for work in uneven terrain.

Learn how these and other Danuser attachments can help tackle the toughest jobs on your ranch.  Contact your Danuser dealer or visit