The American Cattlemen Podcast is Here!

Published on Mon, 06/19/2023 - 1:24pm

The American Cattlemen Podcast Pilot Episode is Here!

In this pilot episode, The American Cattlemen podcast kicks off with a bang, showcasing the incredible support of our sponsors: Rawhide, Central Life Science, Pharo Cattle, and TYM. These industry-leading companies have joined forces with us to bring you the very best content, insights, and innovation the cattle industry has to offer.

In our pilot episode, learn about the founder of the American Cattlemen Magazine, Gale McKinney, and his dedication to the cattle industry. Discover the triumphs and challenges as he shares invaluable wisdom and experiences that are sure to inspire ranchers, breeders, and enthusiasts alike. Listeners are also treated to an exclusive interview with Top Dollar Angus, a highly respected and influential entity in the industry. Join us as Clint Rusk walks us through the dynamic world of the Charolais Association, where groundbreaking advancements, breeding strategies, and cutting-edge practices are transforming the Charolais breed.

In our final segment in our first episode, we take you on a thrilling journey through Ned LeDoux's remarkable career, shining a spotlight on his accomplishments, challenges, and deep-rooted connection to the cattle industry. From growing up on a ranch to carving out his own path as a renowned musician and cattleman, Ned LeDoux's story is one of inspiration, determination, and unwavering commitment.

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