American Bucking Bull Inc. Reaches Historic 100,000 Milestone!

Published on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 11:36am

For more information contact: Andee Lamoreaux 719-242-2747
PUEBLO, Colo. (December 14, 2009) - American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI) announced the achievement of an enormous milestone earlier this morning. They received the animal registration for embryo cow #952 from Jimmy Chandler of Mt. Airy, N.C., pushing the number of animals registered in their database to the historic 100,000 mark.
Originally started as the Rodeo Stock Registry by Bob Tallman in 1994, American Bucking Bull Inc. is the official DNA registry for the bucking cattle industry. Started in 2004, ABBI has since realized one of its key objectives of documenting the bloodlines of the most well-known and influential bucking bulls in the world. By preserving the genetic lineages of these elite bucking bovines through future generations, each year ABBI continues to register the descendants of the most famous bucking bulls of all time.
“Bob really had the foresight to understand what a registry could do for the bucking bull industry. The industry has flourished as the value of the animals included in the registry continues to increase,” stated Andee Lamoreaux, General Manager of the ABBI. “The bucking bull events that support the registry are a true testament to the progression of treating bulls as athletes and developing the training methods, health, nutrition and cutting edge veterinarian treatments available to bucking bull breeders. We are proud to be the training ground for the next generation of bulls for the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR).”
From the historic origins of the Rodeo Stock Registry and its first registered bovine- the legendary Bodacious- to today's entry of the DNA of animal number 100,000 into the database , both Tallman and the ABBI's dream of documenting and preserving the bloodlines of history's bucking elite has been achieved.
“Being part of the foundation of anything these days should give everyone involved a sense of enormous pride,” said current ABBI President Brad Boyd. “This first base of 100,000 core DNA’d animals is truly the foundation for the heritage and documented ancestry of future generations of bucking bulls and elite females to come. Congratulations to everyone who has bred or owned an animal in the registry. Being a part of the registry and this great business at such a monumental time is really something to be excited about.”
Cody Lambert, Stock Director of the Professional Bull Riders, Inc., echoed Boyd’s sentiment over such an illustrious industry accomplishment.  “100,000 is quite a milestone, but what I am most proud of is the quality of the bucking bulls these days. There are more good bulls out there than ever before and the ABBI is one of the main reasons for that. Before the ABBI when someone bought a calf and bucked him they could never be 100% sure of that calf’s pedigree, but now every registered animal in the ABBI is backed up with DNA, so you know exactly how your animals are bred.”
To learn more about the bucking bull industry contact the ABBI via their website                                         www. or through their office at 719-242-2747.
ABBI is dedicated to unifying, developing and promoting the bucking bull industry through pedigree preservation; enhancement and promotion of bucking bull ownership, breeding, and welfare; and development of programs and events showcasing the world's finest bucking bull stock. The ABBI is registry set up to record and preserve the pedigrees of the world's premier bucking bull livestock. ABBI is structured to promote participation by those with the biggest stake in the bucking bull industry-the owners, breeders and trainers of the world's greatest bucking bulls. The ABBI provides an environment where bucking bull breeder's can introduce and foster the growth of young bucking bulls ensuring the finest animal athletes are available to compete at selected PBR Built Ford Tough and minor league Touring Pro Division events across the United States.
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